How To Create Dotted Lines With CorelDRAW's Artistic Media Tool

CorelDRAW's Pen Dialog allows you to create dotted lines easily, but the dots are always square shaped or oblong. If you want round dots on a path, you can use the Artistic Media Tool in CorelDRAW 9 and up.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 3 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Find a empty spot on your workspace and draw a small circle with a solid fill and no outline.
  2. Open the Artistic Media docker (Window > Dockers > Artistic Media).
  1. With the dot you created selected, click the "Save" button at the bottom of the artistic media docker.
  2. A dialog will ask which kind of stroke you would like to create. Choose Object Sprayer and click OK.
  3. You'll be prompted for a filename to save the spraylist in the "CustomMediaStrokes" folder. Name your file something you can remember it by.
  4. If you scroll to the end of the Artistic Media docker, you will see your new object sprayer in the list.
  5. To apply the dots to a line, create any shape with an outline then drag the spraylist from the artistic media docker and drop it onto the outline of the shape. Hint: The cursor will change to a crosshair with a pointing hand when it's time to drop.
  6. Adjust the dot size and spacing using the property bar. Hint: Hold your mouse over the items on the property bar to figure out which dial adjusts size and spacing.


  1. You can add objects to an existing spraylist by dragging them onto the spraylist in the Artisitc Media docker.
  1. Create a spraylist with several multi-colored dots for a colorful dotted line.
  2. Experiment with the many spraylists that come included with CorelDraw for some fun effects.
  3. You can draw freehand lines with the Artistic Media tool and the objects will follow the path of your line. Just choose the Artistic Media Tool from under the Freehand tool in the toolbar.