The Dragon with Flames of Love

EFT Techniques for Children

The Dragon with Flames of Love Book Cover. photo © Phylameana lila Desy

The focus of The Dragon with Flames of Love is to teach children who are ill to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) to calm and control bad feelings that are detrimental to their overall wellness. The book is meant as a handbook for parents and other caregivers of young children who are challenged by serious health conditions, specifically cancer.

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The book layout is eye-catching with its colorful art and tapping scripts highlighted in yellow tables.

Parents: Judge for yourself which tapping scripts are appropriate for your child. Helpful tapping guidelines are given by age (1-4 year olds, 5-10 year olds, 10-12 year olds, and 13-18 year olds) to get you started. 

Along with choosing from a variety of tapping sequences, suggestions are given on how to spark your children's imaginations, and as a result, making this mental and emotional healing therapy fun for them to do.

Suggest your child visualize big colorful balloons. Imagine sad cells turning into happy cells, Imagine himself riding on the back of a racing cheetah leaving this fears behind. Imagine her tapping hand as a magic wand making all her well wishes come true. Imagine being a champion or superhero fighting and winning the battle.

Kids can do tapping with their parents or by themselves whenever they are alone in bed before bedtime or when they have awoken from a bad dream. 

About TappyBear

I love the concept of using a teddy bear as a teaching tool for children to learn tapping points.

It reminds me of using teddies as Reiki surrogates. TappyBear is unique in that it has buttons sewn on its body to indicate the locations of various tapping points that a child can use. They can tap on their bears and then transfer what they have learned by tapping on the same locations on their own bodies.


About Jacarandra Tree

The author chose this tree to symbolize inner strength and power. This tapping symbol reminds the children to:

  • ground their energies (roots)
  • stay positive
  • believe in getting better
  • support their bodies (trunk)
  • grow healthier (limbs)
  • eat nutritional foods (green leaves)

Do I recommend this book?

Absolutely, YES.

Although this book was birthed with the idea of helping children with cancer, along with their families/caregivers I believe the net could widen. EFT,  as taught in this book, can help to ease emotional struggles of all children... not only sick children.

How about easing the fears of a healthy child whose parent or sibling has cancer? Children living with a sick family member also have a great need for emotional release. This became all too apparent to me when my son-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 37 this past year. My young grandchildren (ages 6 and 3) are under his care, along with my daughter, who is a nurse.

EFT could certainly help discharge the emotions of children fearful when they see a parent hurting or dealing with stresses. Same for the child who is bullied at school or who is struggling with homework or worried about taking an upcoming test?

 Scenarios of emotional upsets in children is endless.

Basic Sections from the Table of Contents

  • How I Came to Use EFT on Kids with Cancer in Hospitals
  • What is the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or Tapping?
  • EFT in a Hospital --- Improving the Quality of Life ofChildren with Cancer
  • What to Expect --- Introducing EFT to Children and Subsequent Benefits
  • Tapping Points
  • How to Tap
  • Tappy Bear - A Tapping Partner
  • Jacarandra Tree
  • Individual Stories Based on Chidren's Experiences (plus Tapping Scripts)

About the Author

Passionate About Tapping and helping people cope with emotional upsets, Deborah D. Miller earned her Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology. Besides EFT, other healing modalities she has studied includes Reiki and Deeksha. Deborah began working with children in hospitals, teaching them EFT tapping points, in 2007.

Her Web site is

Book Title: The Dragon with Flames of Love
Subtitle: Helping Children with Serious Illness Improve the Quality of Their Lives
Author: Deborah D. Miller, Ph.D.
Illustrator: Alexandra Gapihan
Graphic Designer: Deborah Perdue
Publisher: Light Within Enterprises

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