How to Draw a Love Heart in Paint.NET

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How to Draw a Love Heart in Paint.NET

This tutorial will show you how to draw a love heart in Paint.NET quickly and easily. This will be perfect for use in any Valentine's Day or romantically themed projects that you have to work on.

This is a relatively straightforward tutorial and beginners with Paint.NET should be able to follow the steps and produce their own love heart. It should be noted, however, that you will need to follow the accompanying images at some points and try to copy those as closely as possible. Don't worry if your love heart doesn't look the same as mine, as long as it does look like a love heart.

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Open a Blank Document and Add a Circle

When you open Paint.NET it'll open a blank document and for the purpose of this tutorial, that will be fine.

The first step is to draw a circle so click the Ellipse tool in the Tools palette and in the Tool Options bar, select the Draw Filled Shape drop down. If you can't see the Colors palette, go to Windows > Colors to open it and then select a red color from there. Now, in the Layers palette (go to Windows > Layers if not visible), click the Add New Layer button. On that layer you can now draw a red circle similar to that in the image.

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Draw a Larger Ellipse

Because Paint.NET doesn't have a Bezier line tool, this technique for drawing a love heart can seem a little 'hacky' at times. The next step is to draw a larger ellipse on a semi-transparent layer.

Click the Add a New Layer button and then click the Properties button and reduce the Opacity setting to about 180. Now you can draw a larger ellipse similar to the one in the image.

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Rotate the Ellipse

The new ellipse can be rotated a little which will improve the appearance of the final love heart.

Go to Layers > Rotate / Zoom and set the Angle input to 11, before clicking the OK button.

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Position the Ellipse

The ellipse needs to be positioned so that the outlines of the two layers are directly on top of each other at a point a little above the middle of the small circle if you drew a horizontal line through it. The image should make this clearer.

Click on the Move Selected Pixels tool and then click on the ellipse and move it into the correct position. You may need to zoom in by going to View > Zoom In a few times to make it easier to see that the positioning is as good as can be.

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Delete the Top of the Ellipse

Two sections of the larger ellipse need to be deleted, the first part using the Lasso Select tool.

Click on the Lasso Select tool and draw a freehand selection. The selection needs to cross through the outline of the larger ellipse at the point where it overlays the outline of the smaller circle. It also needs to pass through the outline of the smaller circle at the three o'clock point. You can look at the image for further clarification. When your selection is made, go to Edit > Erase Selection to remove the top of the larger ellipse.

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Delete the Side of the Ellipse

The side of the ellipse can be removed using the Rectangle Select tool.

Click on the Rectangle Select tool and start drawing a selection from a point to the right and above the larger ellipse and draw the selection so that it covers the ellipse up to a point touching the right hand edge of the small circle. The accompanying image may illustrate it better. When you've drawn the selection, go to Edit > Erase Selection. Before moving on, click the Properties button in the Layers palette and set the Opacity to 255 and click the Merge Layer Down button to combine the two layers into one.

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Duplicate Layer and Make Heart

Finally you can duplicate the newly merged layer and use the two halves to make a complete love heart.

Click the Duplicate Layer button and then go to Layer > Flip Horizontal. Now click on the Move Selected Pixels tool and use the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard to position the layer to make a love heart. When you're happy with the positioning, click the Merge Layer Down button to combine the layers into a single layer and there you have a love heart drawn in Paint.NET.