Drawing An Icon In Adobe Shape CC

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Drawing An Icon In Adobe Shape CC

Adobe Shape CC is great for creating image tracings on the fly.

The design calls for the use of four icons that will be used to allow the visitor to explore the four main services offered by the park: Hiking, Camping, Canoeing and Day Use. After mulling over the icons I decided they would be:

·      Hiking: A hiking boot.

·      Camping: A tent.

·      Canoeing: A canoe.

·      Day Use: A picnic table.

The tent, canoe and table were not going to be an issue because they could be easily drawn in Illustrator and added to a Creative Cloud library. The boot was another story. How to draw a simple boot shape? The answer: trace one of mine in Adobe Shape CC.

Adobe Shape CC is a vector tracing app that is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. It is relatively easy to use. All you need to do is to shoot an image with your device or use one from your Camera Roll, open it in Shape and let the app work its magic.

Let’s get started.

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Getting Started With Adobe Shape CC

It starts with a photo of a hiking boot taken using a smartphone.

Using Shape is beyond simple.

You open a new document in Shape and decide whether to use the camera, an image on your Camera Roll or one in your Creative Cloud account. If you choose an image, you will be shown the image and asked if you want to open the the file.

If you select Camera, the device’s camera will start up and the the green outline you see is Shape drawing what it sees. You can modify the shape by moving the slider to the left to reduce detail or to the right to add more detail. To capture the Shape with your camera just press the shutter release button on the device.

There is one other rather neat feature when you use the camera. If you touch the screen, you can preview your shape. Touch it again and the subject is back in the viewfinder.

To modify a shape, you can increase or decrease the detail using the slider. You can also add or remove shapes by switching between + (Add) or – (Subtract) on the interface. Then all you need to do is to use your finger or a stylus to remove or add detail.

When you are finished tap the checkmark and Shape will draw away. From there you can name the project and the drawing will be uploaded to your Creative Cloud account. If you don’t have a Creative Cloud account, you can still save the image by tapping the Share icon.

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Refining Your Drawing In Adobe Illustrator

Shape CC drawings can be refined in Illustrator.

Any drawing create by Adobe Shape is composed of vectors. This means you can open the drawing in Illustrator and make any necessary changes or edits. Just be aware that Shape drawings are saved in the SVG format.

If you have saved your drawing to a Creative Cloud library all you need to do in Illustrator is to open your Libraries panel (Window>Libraries). Having saved the Shape file to my RabbitBlanket library, all I had to do in Illustrator was to create a new document, open the library and drag the Hiking Boot asset to the artboard. From there I simplified the detail by using the Selection and Pen tools to remove paths. I also used Object>Simplify to reduce any stray points and to reduced the number of vector points in the image.

Knowing this Illustration was going be used on a colored and a black background, I decided to hedge my bets and create a black version and a while version of the drawing in the RabbitBlanket library. Adding an Illustrator drawing to a library is not hard. Select the drawing, open the library and click the Add Graphic button. When it appears in the Library, select the generic name for the asset and enter a new name.

When you are finished, save the Illustrator drawing to your Project folder.

Total time spent: 35 minutes.

Location: Kitchen table and office.

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