Bring Out The Best in Your Drawings of Dogs

Get a Working Knowledge of Your Drawings of Dogs

Two cartoon dogs playing for Drawings of Dogs
Two Cartoon Dogs Playing. Getty Images

Want a few Drawings of Dogs to Follow?

If you are the type who loves dogs then you will surely love to check out these drawings of dogs too? What most dog owner’s love is drawings of their furry friends in unique poses or maybe even depicted just like human beings.

Possibly the most popular drawing of dogs is the one where a group of dogs is seated around a table playing cards. Aside from being hilariously funny, you can definitely see the effort the artist did in order to give each dog a human-like appearance.

Would you believe that this gambling dog photo actually paved the way for more dog owners to make more funny drawings? Now there are thousands of funny and interesting dog drawings to check out with themes ranging from the most absurd to the most artistic.

Realistic drawings

Most amazing dog drawings are exact or near-actual copies of actual pets. And possibly the most common dog that is drawn realistically is the Labrador retriever. Why is this so? Aside from being a very popular breed, this dog has all the most common loveable features that people are looking for in dogs. You can find lab drawings of actual pets or simply inspiration dog drawings online.

Pencil drawings

Pencil drawings of dogs may look simple but are actually very detailed. In fact, pencil drawings depict the actual appearance of a dog compared to colored drawings! Sometimes you may think how did the artist come up with a near-perfect drawing of his pet?

Well the secret has to be a clear photo image of the dog and of course, the rest is pure talent!

There are pencil drawings of dogs sitting, lying down, on the move, dogs smiling and in all kinds of positions. There are also popular pencil drawings of puppies, dogs of different breeds and groups of dogs.

It is truly amazing how the artist can whip up a masterpiece using pencil alone and possibly the most challenging part of drawing a dog using pencil is its fur. How could an artist draw the flowing fur of a collie or the short hairs of a Dalmatian? 

Dog paintings

Oil on canvas paintings, color pencil sketches and watercolor paintings of dogs are second only to pencil drawings but nonetheless beautiful. Most artists love to play with the color varieties in dogs that they draw them against a colorful background.

Name it you have it! You can find dog paintings for different seasons, dogs wearing all kinds of colorful garments, dogs playing with colorful toys and so on. And when it comes to colorful dog drawings, again the Labrador retriever steals the show because of its variety of color combinations and its handsome appearance! Of course it helps that there are more lab owners than any other dog breeds in the world too! Runners up for the most photogenic dog breeds captured in color are the pug, the German shepherd and the collie.

Funny drawings

Funny dog drawings will surely be an all-time favorite of dog owners. Artists have learned how to take a particular aspect or character of a dog and turn it into something humorous in a drawing.

Have you ever found a pug’s short nose funny or how about a dachshund’s long ears hilarious?

Other styles that artists have used to draw a funny drawing about dogs are by drawing them in a variety of funny situations. A dog in a dress with a hat, a puppy trying to bite a frog or a cute pup cuddling with a kitty cat; there are unending variety of scenes and situations that you will find online!

Cartoon drawings  

Possibly one of the most unique drawing styles is drawing dogs in as a cartoon. Let’s just say that a lot of artists have been inspired by cartoon drawings of dogs throughout the ages such as Marmaduke, Snoopy, Pluto and Scooby Doo. These fictitious dogs can do anything that humans can! Well they can sing, dance and do all kinds of tricks! Most of these popular pups are favorites even when they were just part of a comic strip.

Another cartoon dog drawing variety is sketching dogs that hilariously look like their owners. Surely you have seen this type of drawings showing a Chihuahua looking like its short and thin owner or how about a tall and stately Dalmatian drawn looking like it’s equally tall human? The artist cleverly sees the features that are quite similar between the dog and owner and then emphasizing this in his drawing. And you know something? In real life, the dog owner becomes almost identical to his pet!

Kid’s drawings

You got to love it when your little one draws a picture of his best bud. Definitely, your child still does not have the touch of an artist but given the boost and the inspiration, maybe he will someday. Usually children would draw his pet as part of the family. This is because this is exactly what he thinks about your dog. He is not just there as his own but for the whole family to love and enjoy!

Your child may use different mediums to draw too such as pencil, crayon, finger paint, etc. He may depict the dog in all kinds of actions and scenes. You will surely find a few words or maybe a description of what the family pet is doing and of course, your child can’t wait to explain what his drawing is all about.

It’s fun to check out dog drawings and, at the same time, it’s fun to try to do it yourself. Why not try it? Who knows, you may have this amazing talent after all! All it takes is to have that perfect furry companion to inspire you to draw!

Inspiration is all around you! Take a camera and shoot the best scenes so you can have a still photo to use. You can even have your child play with the dog or have another pet such as a cat to do so to create a wonderful photo inspiration. Online photos of dog drawings using different styles will also inspire you.