Drawings of Flowers

Drawings of Flowers with Butterflies Step-by-Step

Drawings of Flowers with pretty girl
Drawings of Flowers With Young Girl. getty images

Drawings of flowers and butterflies are a great subject for people of all ages. Kids can draw them or just color pictures of them. Flowers and butterflies are a top example of art in nature. Flowers come in so many shapes and colors. Butterflies are dashes of color combined with a fascinating, beautiful life cycle. Butterflies also eat the nectar of flowers, so they can be found together. In embracing art at a young age, flowers and butterflies are a great place to start.

Look Around!

To get set up to do drawings of flowers for kids or with kids, just look around! In the summer, flowers are everywhere. That’s what makes flowers and butterflies ideal drawings for kids. You don’t have to go far to find a reference. It also helps that most kids learn about butterflies in school. They already have an interest in them.

Point out flowers and butterflies when outdoors. Study how the butterflies move to better draw them. Admire how flowers look when light hits them at different angles. Flowers also make a nice drawing subject because they can be clipped and brought inside. When choosing flowers to draw, start small. Don’t sit down in front of an entire bouquet; pick one flower and focus on it. Later on, you can pick arrangements to draw.

Stay Quiet

Drawings of flowers and butterflies for kids encourages exposure to nature and quiet time. A lot of kids these days don’t get outside enough.

Taking art outdoors makes for a wonderful activity. Butterflies also need to feel safe to perch on a flower. For noisy children, it can be a fun game to see how quiet they can be to not scare the butterflies. If you are drawing without children, this is a nice escape for you. Other drawings subjects don’t offer the peace flowers and butterflies do.

Quiet time is essential to a happy life. Slow down and observe and appreciate nature.

Make Observations

Flowers and butterflies (video) are full of minute details - especially in the intricate design of the butterfly. Look closely and encourage kids to do the same. With flowers, draw stems and leaves too. The bloom is important, but greenery and seed pods make for a complete drawing. Kids don’t often take time to notice details. This activity will help make them more attentive artists.

Use Bright Colors

Flowers and butterflies make wonderful coloring books for kids. They are some of the flashiest life in most backyards. Bright colors are attractive to children (and adults too!) The colors found in butterflies and flowers are what make them stand out. People love butterflies, but they rarely talk about their drab cousins, moths.

Respect Nature

When doing art of flowers and butterflies, be gentle. Don’t hurt the butterflies unnecessarily. It’s better to observe them going about their lives rather than under a microscope. This is an important lesson for kids to learn. Doing creative drawings of flowers and butterflies is a good way to teach our youth about being kind to nature and the environment.