Top 10 Things for Teachers During Summer Vacation

Use the Summer to Prepare for Next Year

Summer vacation is a time for teachers to recharge and refocus as they prepare for another group of students. Here are ten to do's that teachers can work on during this summer vacation.

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Get Away From It All

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A teacher must be "on" every day of the school year. In fact, as a teacher you often find it necessary to be "on" even outside of the school setting. It is essential to take the summer vacation and do something away from school.

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Try Something New

Expand your horizons. Take up a hobby or enroll in a course away from your teaching subject matter. You will be surprised how this can enhance your teaching in the coming year. Your new interest may be the thing that connects with one of your new students.

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Do Something Just for Yourself

Get a massage. Go to the beach. Go on a cruise. Do something to pamper and take care of yourself. Taking care of body, mind, and soul is so important to having a fulfilling life and will help you recharge and restart for next year.

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Reflect on Last Year's Teaching Experiences

Think back over the previous year and identify your successes and your challenges. While you should spend some time thinking about both, concentrate on the successes. You will have greater success improving upon what you do well than focusing on what you did poorly.

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Be Informed About Your Profession

Read the news and know what's happening within education. Today's legislative acts could mean a big change in tomorrow's classroom environment. If you are so inclined, get involved.

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Maintain Your Expertise

You can always learn more about the topic you teach. Check out the latest publications. You might find the seed for an excellent new lesson.

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Choose a Few Lessons to Improve

Pick 3-5 lessons that you feel need improvement. Maybe they just need enhancing external materials or maybe they just need to be scrapped and rewritten. Spend a week rewriting and rethinking these lesson plans.

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Assess Your Classroom Procedures

Do you have an effective tardy policy? What about your late work policy? Look at these and other classroom procedures to see where you can increase your effectiveness and decrease time off task.

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Inspire Yourself

Spend some quality time with a child, your own or someone else's. Read about famous educators and inspirational leaders. Check out these inspirational books and inspirational movies. Remember why you got into this profession to begin with.

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Take a Colleague to Lunch

It's better to give than to receive. As the school year approaches, teachers need to know how much they are appreciated. Think of a fellow teacher who inspires you and let them know how important they are to students and to you.

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