Early Roman Poets

Time hasn't been kind to these early Roman poets. Mostly, we know only a small biographical bit about them, the titles of some of their poems or plays, and the areas in which they were most influential. These early Roman poets were the fathers of the various genres of poetry in which the Romans learned to excel, including the especially Roman genre of satire, as well as epic poetry, and drama.

The list of early Roman poets is chronological.

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Livius Andronicus

Livius Andronicus (c.284-204 B.C.) was a major Roman literary figured known as the father of Roman literature, introducing Rome to Greek epic, lyric and drama.
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Gnaeus Naevius (c. 270 B.C.-201 B.C.) was a pioneer in Roman satire and drama.
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Quintus Ennius (239-169 B.C.) has been called founder of Roman poetry, writing in many genres.
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Gaius Lucilius was born in c. 180 B.C. He is considered the father of the genre of Roman satire. More »
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Marcus Pacuvius (c.130–220) was the nephew of the poet Ennius. He was a playwright, satirist, and painter.