How to Find Adult Education and Earn a GED in Michigan

The information you need to pursue your GED credential in Michigan.

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Alina Solovyova-Vincent - E Plus - GettyImages-155032271

You may be pleasantly surprised to find some refreshingly unusual education opportunities for adults on the Education page at It takes a few clicks to find these treasures. From the main landing page, click on the Education tab at the top, and then on Students on the left navigation bar. On the Students page, click on Adult Learning on the right navigation bar, under Timely Topics for Students.

Here you will find links to wonderful and unexpected programs like Becoming an Outdoors Woman, getting work as a Seasonal Farm Worker, and help for the blind at the Commission for the Blind. There is also a link for the Michigan Historical Museum Volunteer Program/Docent Guild, a fantastic way for lifelong learners to share their love of history, knowledge of the local areas, and hard-earned wisdom.

College Career Prep

Under the College Career Prep heading, there are links for the more traditional kinds of adult education. Unfortunately, at the time of this publishing, the link for Adult Education Resource Center simply takes you back to the Education landing page.

The Michigan Career Portal link does take you to a new site focused on helping Michigan citizens find jobs, from management careers to skilled trades. There is a counter that shows Michigan has more than 90,000 jobs available! Use the search box to find the jobs appropriate for you. On the Career Explorer tab on this page, you'll find helpful tools for assessing and developing your skills, and a very interesting opportunity under the Career Jump Start tab to work with a liaison who can point you in the right direction. There are 10 of them, each assigned to a region of the state. Contact info for each is at the bottom of the Career Jump Start page.

Earning Your GED in Michigan

Sadly, the GED link at the bottom of the Education/Students page opens a PDF that does not appear to be current, and it is the only apparent link for GED information. The best way to find GED information at is to search for GED in the search box at the top of the page. The first result is a link to the Michigan Workforce Development Agency, which oversees this aspect of adult education in Michigan.

When GED and high school equivalency testing options became available in the United States on January 1, 2014, Michigan chose to continue its partnership with GED Testing Service, which now offers a computer-based GED test. Your best option for information is to visit GED Testing Service, where you can find testing centers in your own county.

In March of 2015, the state transitioned from paper transcripts and certificates to a paperless, web-based credentialing system. It's an easier, much faster way to receive your credentials, and they can be easily forwarded to schools and potential employers in Michigan. This is a state credentialing service, not national. You can still get a paper copy if you desire. There may be a small fee.

Registered Apprenticeship

If you are looking to develop skills in a particular trade, you will want to be sure to visit the Registered Apprenticeship page, also found on the Michigan Workforce Development Agency site. Opportunities are available in skilled trades, energy, health care, information technology, and advanced manufacturing. If you participate in this program, you'll receive extensive on-the-job training under supervision in addition to classroom education. You'll find addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses for the people to contact.

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