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Online Degrees, Certificates, and Classes From Big Ivy League Universities

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Almost all of the eight ivy league universities offer some form of online courses, certificates, or degree programs. Find out how you can get a top-notch online education from Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, or Yale.


Brown offers two blended (online plus face-to-face) degree programs. The IE-Brown Executive MBA program offers professionals the chance to get a global education over a 15-month period. MBA students work together online and have five week-long sessions in person. The in-person meetings are in Madrid, Spain; Brown University in Providence, United States; and Cape Town, Africa. The Executive Master of Healthcare Leadership degree is an accelerated program for healthcare professionals. The 16-month program requires online students to meet on campus between the start and end of each term – four times total.

Brown also offers online pre-college courses for advanced learners in grades 9-12. Subjects such as “So, You Want to be a Doctor?” and “Writing for College and Beyond,” prepare students for their upcoming college experience.


Through the Teacher’s College, Columbia offers online certificates in “Cognition and Technology,” “Designing Interactive Multimedia Instruction,” and “Teaching and Learning with Technology.” Students can also enroll in one of two fully online education Masters degrees. The Computing in Education M.A. helps educational professionals prepare to work with technology in schools. The Diabetes Education and Management M.S. prepares health care workers to educate and advocate for improved understanding about diabetes.

The Columbia Video Network enables students to earn advanced engineering degrees from home. Virtual students have no residency requirements and have the same access to their professors as traditional students. Degrees available online include M.S. in Computer Science, M.S. in Electrical Engineering, M.S. in Engineering and Management Systems, M.S. in Materials Science, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, P.D. in Computer Science, P.D. in Electrical Engineering, P.D. in Mechanical Engineering.

Students may also take individual online courses in medicine and religion through Columbia’s online programs.


Through the eCornell program, students can take individual courses and earn certificates completely online. Multi-course certificate programs are available in fields such as Finance and Managerial Accounting, Healthcare, Hospitality and Food Services Management, Human Resources Management, Leadership and Strategic Management, Management Essentials, Marketing, Sales Leadership, Product Leadership and Systems Design, and Plant-Based Nutrition.

eCornell courses are designed and taught by Cornell faculty. They have set start and end dates, but are taught asynchronously. Courses and certificates offer students continuing education credits.


Dartmouth College has a very limited number of online options.

Students can earn The Dartmouth Institute (TDI) Certificate in The Fundamentals of Value-Based Healthcare by completing six online courses. The courses are generally not available for those outside of the certificate program.

Health professionals are required to view a limited number of one-hour live streaming sessions, which are usually conducted on Wednesdays. Presenters lecture on topics such as "Health Care Finance," "Shared Decision Making in Patient-Centered Care," "Health Care Informatics," and "Understanding the Implications of Variation."


Through the Harvard Extension School, students can take individual online courses, earn certificates, or even earn a degree.

The Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree program allows students to earn an undergraduate degree with the guidance of top-notch professors. Potential students “earn their way in” by earning a grade of "B" or higher in three introductory courses. Students must complete four courses on campus, but the rest of the degree can be completed through online options. Degree candidates have access to a variety of Harvard resources including internships, seminars, and research assistance.

The Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies in the field of finance or general management degree can be earned by taking 12 courses. Four of these courses must be traditional or blended courses. For distance learning students, blended courses can be taken by traveling to campus for one-weekend session per course. Additional blended Masters programs are available in Psychology, Anthropology, Biology, English, and more. Most require some evening courses on campus.

Graduate certificates can be earned fully online and enrollment is open (no application required). Harvard Extension certificates can be earned in the fields of management, sustainability and environmental management, science and information technology, and social sciences. Notable certificates include Business Communication, Cybersecurity, Nonprofit Management, Marketing Management, Green Building and Sustainability, Data Science, Nanotechnology, Legal Studies, and Software Engineering.


Sorry, online learners. Princeton isn’t offering any courses or degree programs completely online at this time.


While the University of Pennsylvania doesn’t offer any fully online degrees or certificates, the Penn Online Learning Initiative allows students to take individual courses. Online courses are offered in Arts and Sciences, Executive Education, Nursing, Dentistry, and also English Language Test Preparation.

Generally, students interested in these courses will need to apply to the university as a visiting student.


Every year, Yale students enroll in virtual courses through Yale Summer Online. Current students or graduates from other colleges are also invited to enroll in these for-credit courses. The course sessions are five-weeks long, and students are required to participate in a weekly live video group meeting with faculty. Some of the class offerings include: "Abnormal Psychology," "Econometrics and Data Analysis I," "Milton," "Modern American Drama" and "Moralities of Everyday Life."

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