Easter Acrostic Poem Lesson Plan

Language Arts Lesson Plan

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Are you in need of a quick Easter activity for your students? Try having your students create an Easter acrostic poem. They are so easy to write and they can be about any subject.

Objectives/Learning Goals

  • Practice brainstorming Easter-related words
  • Use descriptive phrases and sentences to describe Easter or words related to Easter
  • Write an Easter acrostic poem

Required Materials

  • Pencil and paper for each student to write their poem on
  • Scrap paper for brainstorming

Anticipatory Set

  • Ask the class what they know about Easter. Write a list on the board while they are calling out answers, and offer ideas and comments as you write down the list.
  • Brainstorm 10-15 Easter-related words and write them on the front board or overhead projector. Have the students copy these words on a scrap piece of paper or create a graphic organizer.

Overview of Lesson Plan

Each student is asked to write a short acrostic poem using an Easter-related word. They must create phrases and/or sentences that relate to the subject in order to complete the task.

Direct Instruction

  • Choose an Easter-related word and work together to create an acrostic poem. Choose words such as: Easter, eggs, Happy Easter, basket, bunny or Spring.
  • Model the format of an acrostic poem on the front board. The easiest way to display this is to put the letters of the subject down the left-hand side of the page. Once this is done you can now begin to think of a sentence that describes your subject.
  • Brainstorm sentences that would relate to the subject of the poem. Leave these ideas on the front board so the students can use them as a reference when creating a poem on their own.

Guided Practice

  • For younger students, provide a graphic organizer for brainstorming and an acrostic poem worksheet where they can fill in the blanks.
  • For older students, you can also provide a graphic organizer for brainstorming, but then have them write their own sentences from scratch.


Once they have completed their poems allow time for them to illustrate a picture and then share their poems aloud with their classmates.

Independent Practice

For homework, have students create an acrostic poem using another Easter-related word. For extra credit or practice, they can create a poem using the letters of their name.


The final piece of writing and homework assignment will be assessed by a rubric that the teacher has created.

Sample Easter Acrostic Poems


  • H - ope is in the Spring air
  • A - s we all come together
  • P - ractice your manners for Easter dinner
  • P - raise your parents and the ones you love
  • Y - es, together we love to
  • E - at on Easter day
  • A -nd when you wake up on
  • S - unday morning you can search for your Easter basket.
  • T - o me it's the best part of Easter,
  • E - ating all of the chocolate bunnies and collecting the eggs.
  • R - emember to get some rest for the special day!


  • E - aster is a great time of year
  • A - nd every child loves to eat chocolate
  • S - o make sure you don’t eat too much
  • T - ogether we can hide
  • E - aster eggs and find them
  • R - emember not to eat too much candy or you'll get a belly ache!


  • E - at
  • G - ather eggs
  • G - o to church
  • S - pring has sprung


  • S -ring is a wonderful time of year
  • P -icture the flowers blooming
  • R -abbits are hopping
  • I -t is so
  • N -ice and warm outside
  • G -rowing flowers at Easter time.
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