Easter Books To Read To Elementary School Students in the Springtime

Picture Books for Elementary Students

Spring has sprung and it's time to share these top Easter books with your elementary school students. The books in this list are chosen for elementary school teachers to read to their primary-age students to celebrate Easter, springtime, and Passover in the classroom. These lovely picture books will serve as springboards for conversation, crafts, and other fun activities to celebrate Easter and springtime together. Also included are a few suggested titles about the Jewish holiday of Passover and springtime.

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The Night Before Easter

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Written for ages 4-8, this tale takes your students through the familiar rhythms of the "Night Before Christmas" story with a new Springtime twist. This charming Easter tale is a great book for all elementary students. The illustrations are cute without being too overwhelming.

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The Bunny Who Found Easter

Perfect for the Primary grades. Your young students will enjoy this heart-warming and clever little story. As multiple stories unfold, your students will be drawn to this beautiful song-filled text.

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It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!

Who doesn't love Charlie Brown and Snoopy? Good news—the beloved classic is now a book! Read this children's classic to your students and share the warmth and joy of spring with the Peanuts gang.

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The Story of the Easter Bunny

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This new picture book for the primary grades that takes a fun look at the story behind everyone's favorite egg-delivering rabbit. The beautiful watercolors make it the perfect springtime tale to tell your students.

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The Great Easter Egg Hunt

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Your young students will love discovering the word puzzles and Easter-themed treasures hidden throughout this colorful storybook. Extravagant detail and bright illustrations will keep readers eyes busy and their hearts delighted.

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The Passover Seder

Billed as a "Touch, Turn, Open, and Learn!" book, students in the primary grades will get a real feel for the Jewish festival of Passover and the celebratory dinner called a "seder." For only as little as a penny on Amazon.com, you can delight your students with this retelling of the seder story.

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Sammy Spider's First Passover

A whimsical look at Passover through the eyes of Sammy Spider, this sequel to "Sammy Spider's First Hanukkah" is a fun read for primary school students. 

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The Spring Equinox: Celebrating the Greening of the Earth

Children are never too young to learn a new word. And what better way to introduce them to the concept of an "equinox" than through this beautiful and engaging book intended for use in schools and libraries. 

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My Spring Robin

This darling little story teaches young readers about the flora and fauna that comes right outside their door when spring arrives. With refreshed art and design the amazing author of Apples and Pumpkins shares the sights and sounds of the spring season with her readers.

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Spring's Sprung

Through a tale of sibling rivalry, the wonders are spring are introduced to young readers.