Easter Bunny Sighting

Mike swears that when he was a little kid that the Easter Bunny visited him in his room one night

When I was about seven I used to be curious about the Easter Bunny. So one night I pulled an all-nighter while I was sleeping at my grandma's place with my older sister, who was nine. So we were all in bed; my grandma, sister and I were still wide awake. My sister would always hog the blankets and I would be cold.

So I was trying to fight with my sleeping sister, and all of a sudden I heard hopping downstairs. I was confused; I didn't hear the door open. Then I heard something hop up the stairs. I started to pinch myself: yes, I was awake and cold and I started to sweat, a bit overwhelmed. The hopping noise was coming up the stairs. I started to slightly close my eyes so the rabbit won't know I'm awake.

He entered the room we were in. I had my eyes closed. The creature grabbed the blanket and pulled it over me. I couldn't believe it! He hopped to the other side of the bed toward the window and just stood there. I got a quick peak: a huge rabbit, human-sized with big ears pointed up. I was shocked. It couldn't be real! He was just standing there looking at my grandma and he just stood there.

The sun came up and he vanished, almost like he faded into the light. I was speechless and got up looked around.

Nothing was there. You could ask me to this very day. I do believe in the Easter Bunny. I just don't believe he gives out chocolate (obviously).

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