Easter Games From 'Minute to Win It'

These Games Add Fun to an Easter Celebration

A contestant plays Face the Cookie on the game show Minute to Win It.
A contestant plays Face the Cookie on "Minute to Win It.". Courtesy NBC

Games from "Minute to Win It" are perfect for any occasion, but with a little planning you can transform many of the games to suit the Easter holiday. Using traditional symbols of Easter like eggs and bunnies, you can customize these games to suit both the holiday and your players.

While neither version of the actual "Minute to Win It" TV show held an Easter-themed episode, there are lots of games that use eggs, and many others that can be adapted easily.


Each game must be completed in a minute or less. You can plan several different games for your party since they're so quick to play. Don't forget to have a timer on hand.

Egg Games

These games are all based on eggs, so they'll fit right in with an Easter theme. Use the eggs that you've decorated or dyed for an extra bit of themed fun. Most of these games call for raw eggs to be used, but if small children will be playing (or you just want to avoid a mess), you can use hard-boiled eggs instead.

Click on the game titles below for more information on how to set up and play each game.

  • Egg Dance --  Swap out the raw eggs in this game if you're the least bit concerned about a mess. 
  • Egg Roll -- Using an empty pizza box, fan three eggs across the floor to land inside a designated target area.
  • Egg Tower -- Stack eggs and paper towel rolls to create a free-standing structure.
  • Egg Zone -- This game is great for football fans. To play, stack four footballs on football tees, then balance an egg on top of each one.
  • Sticker Picker Upper -- Roll an egg around on a pizza pan to gather stickers on the egg. The stickers are placed upside down on the pan so the egg collects them as it rolls over them.
  • Bulb Balance -- This game is best suited for adult players. The object is to balance eggs on light bulbs using only a small packet of salt to keep them steady. This game is best suited for adult players. The object is to balance eggs on light bulbs using only a small packet of salt to keep them steady.

    Other Easter Games

    The next group of games isn't built for Easter play, but these can be turned into themed games with a bit of imagination. Change the names of the games to fit your party.

    • Scary Cherry -- The idea behind this game is to attach maraschino cherries to strings and then blow the cherries away so they'll swing back and land in your mouth. Replace the cherries with Easter candy and you've got a holiday game.
    • Drop, Sink and Clink -- In this game, you're required to drop quarters into shot glasses that are resting inside fish bowls filled with water. Decorate the fish bowls with some Easter stickers and drop jelly beans instead of quarters to play an Easter version.
    • Face the Cookie -- This is perhaps the most well-known game from "Minute to Win It." The contestant sits on a chair with her head tilted back and a cookie resting on her forehead. She must move the cookie to her mouth using only her facial muscles. Use an Easter cookie and you've got a themed game in a snap.

    Transform Any Game

    Browse through the entire list of "Minute to Win It" games to get even more inspiration. There are plenty of ways to make these games more suited to Easter, such as:

    • Decorate props with Easter-themed stickers or stencils
    • Use pastel-colored ping pong balls and pretend they're colored eggs
    • Use Easter baskets instead of buckets or pails
    • Whenever a table is required, cover it with a decorated plastic Easter tablecloth

    Use your imagination and creativity to customize your favorite "Minute to Win It" games for your holiday gathering.

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