Easter Journal Writing Prompts

Inspire your Students to get Creative

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Journal Writing is a valuable learning tool for elementary students. It allows them to be a creative thinker and learn while they write. It's important to make time a few days a week for your students to express their thoughts and feelings through words.

These Easter writing prompts and journal topics will help inspire your students to write about the Easter season. It also gives us teachers an opportunity to learn about our students and what how they celebrate the holiday.

Easter Journal Writing Topics

  1. How do you celebrate Easter with your family? Describe what you eat, where you go and who celebrate with.
  2. What is your favorite Easter book? Describe why it is your favorite and what it is about.
  3. Do you have an Easter tradition? Describe what it is.
  4. What is the difference between Easter-time when you were little versus Easter-time now?
  5. I love Easter because… Tell what you love about Easter.
  6. How do you decorate your Easter eggs? Describe what colors you use and what they look like.
  7. I once got a magic Easter egg… Tell what happened when you received the magic egg.
  8. The perfect Easter dinner would look like this… Describe what foods would make the perfect Easter dinner.
  9. Describe what happened when the Easter bunny ran out of chocolate and candy.
  10. Write a letter to the Easter bunny. Ask him questions and tell him how you celebrate the holiday.