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Ecology is the study of the interactions and reciprocal influence of living organisms within a specific environment. It's usually taught in the context of biology, though some high schools also offer courses in Environmental Science which includes topics in ecology.

Ecology Topics to Choose From

Topics within the field can range broadly, so your choices of topics are practically endless! The list below may help you generate your own ideas for a research paper or essay.

Research Topics

  • How are new predators introduced into an area? Where has this happened in the United States?
  • How is the ecosystem of your backyard different from the ecosystem of another person's backyard ecosystem?
  • How is a desert ecosystem different from a forest ecosystem?
  • What is the history and impact of manure?
  • How are different types of manure good or bad?
  • How has the popularity of sushi impacted the earth?
  • What trends in eating habits have impacted our environment?
  • What hosts and parasites exist in your home?
  • Pick five products from your refrigerator, including the packaging. How long would it take for the products to decay in the earth?
  • How are trees affected by acid rain?
  • How do you build an ecovillage?
  • How clean is the air in your town?
  • What is the soil from your yard made of?
  • Why are coral reefs important?
  • Explain the ecosystem of a cave. How could that system be disturbed?
  • Explain how rotting wood impacts the earth and people.
  • What ten things could you recycle in your home?
  • How is recycled paper made?
  • How much carbon dioxide is released into the air every day because of fuel consumption in cars? How could this be reduced?
  • How much paper is thrown away in your town every day? How could we use paper that is thrown away?
  • How could each family save water?
  • How does discarded motor oil affect the environment?
  • How can we increase the use of public transportation? How would that help the environment?
  • Pick an endangered species. What could make it go extinct? What could save this species from extinction?
  • What species have been discovered within the past year?
  • How could the human race become extinct? Describe a scenario.
  • How does a local factory affect the environment?
  • How do ecosystems improve water quality?

Topics for Opinion Papers

There is a great deal of controversy about topics that link ecology and public policy. If you enjoy writing papers that take a point of view, consider some of these:

  • What impact is climate change having on our local ecology?
  • Should the United States ban the use of plastics to protect delicate ecosystems?
  • Should new laws be enacted to limit the use of energy produced by fossil fuels?
  • How far should human beings go to protect ecologies where endangered species live?
  • Is there ever a time when natural ecology should be sacrificed for human needs?
  • Should scientists bring back an extinct animal? What animals would you bring back and why?
  • If scientists brought back the saber-toothed tiger, how might it impact the environment?
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