Edge Your Skis With Ankles Not Hips

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Intermediate skiers can really enjoy those first thrills of riding an arcing turn on shaped skis by leaning into the hill and feeling that good old centrifugal force zipping you along like a last skater being propelled by a chain of ice skaters.

This is all well and good for a thrill, but relying on hips into the hill and centrifugal force to drive your turn can become habit forming.

Keep Your Ankles in the Action

When this happens you take your ankles out of the action and you very well may find yourself stuck in a high speed arcing turn - too late to force those hips to shift and travel back over your skis to initiate the next turn.

However, if you roll your ankles to get those shaped skis up on edge and then let the design and engineering in the shaped ski set you in the turn, it is easier to keep your hips and center of gravity closer to being over your skis.

You will find that once you have the feet and ankle movements down pat, you only need a small bit of hip angulation into the hill to drive through the turn.

Practice Rolling Your Ankles

Here's how you can practice rolling your ankles and helping this movement to be part of your muscle memory on dryland in the off season. Lay two brooms down in the grass about hip width apart and stand on the handles and roll your ankles. You will notice how quickly your feet are put into an edging position, which on snow would be perfect in initiating a shaped ski to turn.

I like to do this on a slightly sloping area of my yard to better get the feel of edging into the hill. You can do this in ski boots to really feel the alignment or just back and forth in sneakers to build up the muscle memory.

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