Education Vocabulary for English Learners

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Learn English vocabulary related to education to use when discussing various subjects at university. Words are categorized into different sections. You'll find example sentences for each word to help provide context for learning. 


Archaeology - Archaeology explores humanities past civilizations.
Art - Art can refer to painting or to to arts in general such as music, dancing, etc.
Business studies - Many students choose business studies in these times of globalization.
Dance - Dance is an elegant art form which uses the body as a brush.
Drama - Good drama can move you to tears, as well as hold you in suspense.
Economics - The study of economics might be useful for a business degree.
Geography - If you study geography, you'll know which country is located on any continent.
Geology - I'd love to know more about geology. I've always wondered about rocks.
history - Some believe that history is much older than we are led to believe.
home economics - Home economics will teach you how to run an efficient home on a budget.
Foreign (modern) languages - It's important to learn at least one foreign language in your life.
Math - I've always found simple math easy.
Mathematics - The study of higher mathematics is required for a computer programming degree.
Music - Understanding the biography of great composers is an important part of studying music.
Physical education - Children up to the age 16 should be encouraged to participate in physical education classes.
Psychology - The study of psychology will help you understand how the mind words.
Religious education - Religious education will teach you about the wide variety of religious experiences.
Science - Science is an important part of a well-rounded education.
Biology - Biology will help you learn how human beings are put together.
Chemistry - Chemistry will help you understand how earth's elements affect each other.
Botany - The study of botany leads to an understanding of different types of plants.
Physics - Physics explains how the "real world" functions.
Sociology - If you are interested in understanding different cultures, take a sociology class.
Technology - Technology is found in almost every classroom of a typical school.


Cheat- Don't ever cheat on a test. It's not worth it!
Examine - It's important to examine all the evidence when drawing a conclusion.
Examiner - The examiner makes sure nobody at the test cheats.
Examination - The examination should last three hours.
Fail - I'm afraid I might fail the test!
Get through - Peter got through to the fourth grade.
Pass - Don't worry. I'm sure you'll pass the test.
Take / sit an exam - I had to sit a long exam last week.
Retake - Some professors allow students to retake tests if they've done poorly.
Revise for - It's a good idea to revise for any test you take by reviewing your notes.
Study for - I need to study for a quiz tomorrow morning.
Test - What time is your mathematics test today?


Certificate - He earned a certificate in computer maintenance.
Degree - I have a degree from the Eastman School of Music.
BA - (Bachelor of Arts) She earned her BA from Reed College in Portland, Oregon.
MA - (Master of Arts) Peter wants to take an MA in business.
B.Sc. - (Bachelor of Science) Jennifer is working on a B.Sc. with a major in biology.
M.Sc. - (Bachelor of Science) If you earn a M.Sc. from Stanford, you won't need to worry about getting a job.
Ph.D. - (Doctorate Degree) Some people take years to finish a Ph.D.
Diploma - You can earn a diploma to add to your qualifications. 


Dean - Alan is the dean of faculty at that school.
Graduate - He's a graduate of the local university.
Head-teacher - You should speak to the head teacher.
Infant - Some parents put their infants in day-care.
Lecturer - The lecturer in law was very boring today.
Pupil - Good pupils don't cheat on tests.
Student - A good student takes notes during a lecture.
Teacher - The teacher will answer any questions you have.
Instructor - He's an instructor of computer science at the high school.
Undergraduate - The undergraduate had a great time at college. 

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