Educate and Entertain Your Kids Aged 5-9 with These TV Shows

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There are plenty of educational shows for preschoolers, but what happens when your kids grow out of "Imagination Movers" and "Dora?" Here are some great shows that are both fun and educational for kids ages 5-9 years old, listed by subject. 

Does your child like English and reading or do they prefer math and science? Are animals and nature more interesting or is your child a young inquisitive globe-trotter interested in other languages and cultures? No matter what kind of kid, these shows are sure to provide hours on educational entertainment your 5 to 9-year-old child is sure to love. 

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Literacy Skills and Reading

The Electric Company
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By now, kids probably know their letters and sounds, so here are some shows that help kids learn about words, reading, vocabulary and more, especially great as they often premiered right after school on PBS. 

"Animalia" and "Arthur" both feature animal tales that focus on the importance of understanding literary works and skills in order to be better friends and students. The variety show "The Electric Company" featured many skits about historical and literary figures, but equally valued friendships forged in early education. 

Dog shows are apparently a popular way to convey literacy. In " Martha Speaks," a dog eats alphabet soup and gains the ability to speak, sharing her vocabulary words with her human friends. In "Wishbone," a small dog travels into famous literary works and embodies the main character, teaching schoolchildren classic literary tales with a fun twist. 

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Math Skills

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Math is such an important subject, but there aren't many TV shows that incorporate a mathematics-based curriculum. Still, PBS has two dynamic shows about all things numbers. 

In " Cyberchase," teenage crime stoppers come face to face with some of the worst computer viruses in the world as they use math and logic to solve complex computer puzzles. After-school kids at home can play along, trying to figure out the answer before the virus takes over and destroys the cyber world!

In "Design Squad," viewers watch child contestants compete to build whimsical machines for scholarships. This number-heavy game pits the ingenuity and math expertise of teen builders against one another while explaining the complex equations they use to predict how well the machines will function.

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Science, Animals and Nature

Wild Kratts

Kids ages 5-9 years love animal and nature shows. It is wonderful how excited children get about the world around us! These wonderful shows allow children to learn more about our world, and some of them feature exotic animals and places that kids wouldn't normally get to see.

The animated show " Wild Kratts" follow the Kratt brothers — of "Zaboomafoo" fame — as they venture into the wild to meet all kinds of creatures in many different locations around the world.  Whereas "SciGirls" follows a team of girls as they answer questions about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). 

Also popular for your young school child, "Dragonfly TV" and "Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman" which offers a young twist to getting the news of the world as it pertains to nature.

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Foreign Languages and Cultures

Maya and Miguel
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In our global world, a knowledge about and respect for other people and their cultures is essential. These shows help kids learn about diversity, languages, and customs.

Sort of like the kids' show "Go! Diego! Go!" the tween follow-up "Maya & Miguel" teach kids about Spanish language and culture. In "Postcards from Buster," co-star of the hit show "Arthur" takes viewers around the world to experience the languages and cultures of many different people.