Eerie Premonition of Son's Success

Although he claims to be a skeptic, a dad has a premonition dream that comes true

My 37-year-old son, whom I will call John, has been working in the computer business since his college years. Never completing his degree due to various circumstances, I always feared John would be passed by for promotions, etc. It has been a long slog, but he has finally been promoted and is earning a living wage.

John has always had a dream of working in the video game industry.

Last October, one of his friends mentioned that a worldwide company in Irvine, California had an opening for a managerial professional. On a lark, he applied for the job and has had three interviews since October. John was told that they would contact him if he got the job before Christmas.

John has been waiting for word since before Christmas. A week into the new year now, I believe, John's hopes were beginning to flag. I'm sure he was thinking he would have to give up hope on the job.

Enter my husband, the skeptic of all things paranormal, including ghosts, angel encounters, and premonitions. (I must say here, that my husband has a PhD in Biology, but has seen ghosts, angels and has had dreams come true, yet he is still skeptical.) This morning he told me he had a dream about our John. He dreamed that UPS delivered a huge gift-wrapped package for him from the video game company to which John had applied.

We had a good laugh about it and I texted John about the dream, hoping it would lighten his mood.

At 2 p.m. I got a call from John that the company he currently works for gave him an unscheduled 14% raise! Delighted with the raise, I felt this was, in a way, a form of compensation. Perhaps Fate's way of softening the blow!

I told my hubby, but he said no, that raise is not the "gift".

At 4 p.m. John called me elated, saying he received his call from the video game company. He has been hired and for $10k more than his current job pays, even with the new 14% raise! I know this is not really a paranormal ghost story, but that's what I call a dream come true! Spot on premonitions like this fall under paranormal in my book!

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