Eight Poor Reasons to Become a Satanist

Due to misconceptions about what organized Satanism is, many people approach it with unrealistic goals or expectations. Here are eight misguided reasons for being a Satanist.

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You seek power over others.

No real world magical practice can produce such dramatic results, and many Satanists do not believe in supernatural magic at all. Satanism encourages one to master control over the self, and then use that personal power to gain what they desire.
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You seek access to ancient forbidden texts.

Such things do not exist. Organized Satanism is almost entirely a 20th century phenomenon. That means there are no ancient Satanic texts.

In addition, Satanists don't put a lot of inherent value in old things. If an old book has useful ideas, then by all means use it. But being old does not mean being good. Many actively embrace modernity over sentimental historical attachments.

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You seek easier ways to get through life.

There is no cheat in life. Certainly stories and movies often depict Satanists easily gaining wealth and power through their pact with Satan. That is the traditional Christian view of Satanists. However, such people are mythological. They've never existed. They are the product of fiction, folklore and paranoia.

Actual Satanists are staunch realists. Results require effort. There's no magical shortcut around that reality.

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You seek knowledge of the occult.

Some Satanists are also occultists. However, most occultists are not Satanists. Quite the opposite, many are Judeo-Christian in nature. If your interest in the occult, you would do better to study the occult directly, and you don't need to join an organization to do so. Many resources can be found in libraries and on the web from both modern and historical writers.

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You seek dark rituals which will unlock your powers.

Many Satanists involve little or no ritual in their religious practices. Of those that do, many see magic as primarily or entirely psychological. It helps in the focus of the will, but it doesn't draw on supernatural forces. It might help you recognize your own strengths, but it is not going to grant you "powers." And whatever strengths you might see in yourself still need to be properly used. Being a solid researcher means nothing if you never actually research anything, for example.
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You wish to subject yourself to a greater power.

Satanism is about the power of the self. Escaping the bonds of traditional religion, which generally places the believer in a secondary, subjugated position, is a part of Satanic practice. If you expect Satan to command your actions and rigidly delineate your life, organized Satanism is not what you are looking for.

Satanists are skeptics. They believe through evidence and rationality. They do not depend on revealed religion to tell them how to live their lives.

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You seek orgies, drugs, animal sacrifice, and so forth.

You can find orgies and drugs without Satanism. Blood sacrifice of any kind is generally not a feature of Satanism. And if the ultimate goal is actually just to watch an animal suffer and die, Satanists, like everyone else, condemn the act as cruel and even psychotic.
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You seek communion with the Christian Satan.

Satanists do not worship the Christian Satan. The Christian Satan is a being of torment, evil and wanton destruction, as well as a being still ultimately subject to God. The Satan of Satanists is often allegorical, and any form of him generally represents freedom, success, pleasure, knowledge and so forth.

Every once in a while a murderer claims to have committed their crime in the name of Satan. These people do not represent the beliefs of any organized Satanic group, and such groups actively condemn such people.

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Joining a Satanic organization is more about empowerment and acknowledgement of one's own outlooks than receiving special benefits. Certainly information can be shared, but it isn't secret knowledge hidden away for ages that can only be revealed by a chosen few. Satanists are expected to be self-motivated, comfortable with their own nature, and understanding of Satanic philosophy.

In addition, they actively reject parasitic relationships. Satanists do not waste their time on people who constantly want more than they are willing to give. They also have no time for people who blind themselves with fantastical expectations. Change comes from within, not without. It's about hard work, talent and vision, not mere hopes and wishes.