EJ and Sami

A twisted and tumultuous 'Days of Our Lives' love story

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EJ Di Mera and Sami Brady's relationship hasn't gone the route of most daytime romances. The Days of Our Lives pairing was initiated by EJ's father, Stefano, who sent his son to Salem to impregnate a Brady. EJ fulfilled Stefano's wish, albeit in twisted fashion. He forced Sami to have sex with him in return for saving Lucas' life. 

Yet, despite their questionable beginning there's always been an undeniable spark between the couple and, eventually, Sami gave herself to EJ freely.

Their combative yet loving relationship has produced two beautiful children and included everything from kidnappings to custody battles. Here's a look at one of the most unique supercouples in soap opera history.


EJ calls Sami by her full name, Samantha. Fans have dubbed the twosome “Ejami,” a combo of EJ and Sami.

First Scene

It was wet and wild. EJ was clad in a towel, having just gotten out of the shower. Sami was soaked, thanks to a plumbing problem in her apartment. She knocked on EJ’s door on May 30, 2006 to retrieve a wrench he’d borrowed. While fetching it, EJ’s towel dropped and Sami got an eyeful. “Certainly an improvement over the last neighbor,” she chuckled.

First Dance

After admitting to EJ that she was “the bad seed” of her family, he suggested the two of them have their own party that night. Sami spied some couples doing the tango on the pier, and EJ admitted he’d learned the dance years ago.

Then, he gave Sami an impromptu private lesson on June 19, 2006.

First Kiss

The accidental smooch took place on August 22, 2006. Sami woke up from a dream the morning of her wedding to Austin, just as EJ happened into her bedroom. “Good morning,” she whispered, pulling an eager EJ into a passionate kiss.

Sami, whose eyes were still closed, thought he was her fiance. She was stunned when she opened them and realized it wasn’t. Oops!

First Child

Johnny DiMera was born first on October 23, 2007, followed by his “twin” sister Allie Horton. Marlena delivered the infants, while Lucas, who initially believed they were both his, was there for support. After a few paternity tests, however, it was revealed that the baby boy was actually EJ's biological son.

First Wedding

To put a permanent end to the Brady/DiMera feud, Sami agreed to marry EJ on November 9, 2007. There was only one problem: she was already wed to Lucas. After having that marriage annulled, Sami begrudgingly planned her nuptials to EJ, despite Lucas and Will's objections. It wasn't exactly a blissful affair. The bride wore black, gunshots rang out after the duo were pronounced husband and wife, and EJ, who was hit, was rushed to the hospital. It turned out Will was the culprit, but Lucas took the blame to protect his son, even serving jail time for the crime.

First Time Making Love

After EJ expressed his deep remorse for what happened the night Johnny was conceived and Sami agreed to forgive him and move on, the duo shared a passionate liplock, fueled by Sami's jealousy of Nicole.

EJ questioned Sami about the reason behind the kiss, later. “I wanted to,” whispered Sami, acknowledging that she had developed real feelings for EJ. They shared another kiss. Then, the duo headed upstairs, where they made love for the first time on May 20, 2008. Lucas, who was just freed from prison, arrived in time to find the pair entangled beneath the sheets. Sami left EJ's bed and ran after Lucas to explain.


Other Memorable Moments

Lovers Past

The origin of the DiMeras' vendetta against the Bradys was exposed. It all began with a forbidden love affair between the married Santo (Stefano's father) and Colleen Brady (Shawn Brady senior's sister). The starcrossed duo bore an uncanny resemblance to EJ and Sami, who began reading their love letters to one another. EJ was quick to point out the similarities between Santo and Colleen and him and Sami.

It prompted EJ to once again declare his love for Sami and challenged her to admit that she, too, had feelings for him.

Oh Babies!

When Sami discovered she was carrying EJ's second child, she went to tell him and ended up witnessing the mayor's murder. Sami fled to a safe house and vowed to keep her pregnancy from EJ. Nicole, who miscarried EJ's baby, ended up switching Sami's infant (Sydney) with Mia's newborn (Grace), who she was secretly set to “adopt.” After Grace took ill and died, Sami told EJ the truth about “his child.” Ultimately, Rafe uncovered Nicole's baby switch plot and revealed all to Sami, while Nicole 'fessed up to EJ. Nicole ended up running off with Sydney. When she finally came to her senses and decided to return the child, someone conked her on the head and took Sydney. It turned out EJ orchestrated the abduction by Anna DiMera to get even with Sami. At one point, he even let Sami believe Sydney was dead.

EJ planned to run off with both his children, but when he realized he couldn't go through with it, he played the hero and returned Sydney to Sami.

Another Bang-Bang Wedding

While bonding with his reunited family, EJ came to the realization that he'd fallen back in love Sami and grew determined to win her over.

There was only one obstacle: Stefano, who uncovered EJ and Anna's abduction scam. Stefano threatened to go to the cops, unless EJ moved into the mansion with his family. EJ acquiesced, lying to Sami that his father was dying. The couple grew closer, and when EJ proposed marriage, Sami, who was reeling from Rafe's rejection, accepted. But on the day of their nuptials, Rafe presented proof that EJ had Anna kidnap Sydney. Sami called off their wedding and reunited with Rafe. When Kate warned her that EJ planned to to take their children and run off, Sami went to the DiMera mansion to confront him. She discovered EJ passed out, drunk, and holding a gun in his hand. Devastated over losing Sami, EJ had considered taking his own life. Sami took the gun and fired a shot into his head. Miraculously, EJ survived. Even more miraculously, he forgave Sami.

For the Love of Johnny

A bitter EJ blackmailed Sami (he had a tape of her confessing to shooting him) into giving him full custody of Johnny and Sydney. He wouldn't even let her have contact with either child. Then, tragedy stuck. Johnny was diagnosed with eye cancer and had to have one of his eyes removed. Realizing the boy needed his mother's love and support, EJ relented and let Sami be by their son's side.After the successful surgery and Johnny's full recovery, a thankful EJ welcomed Sami back into their children's lives.


One Night Stand

Sami and EJ were living separate lives -- EJ with Nicole and Sami with Rafe -- when a tragedy involving Johnny struck again. EJ precipitated things, when he framed John for embezzlement. Sami and her children ended up caught in the crossfire, when they happened to be by John's side just as he became the target of a shootout at the pub. The dust settled and no one was injured, but Johnny turned up missing.

A false police report claimed his body was found dead. While accusing each other of being responsible for Johnny's demise, anger and grief led to passion and EJ and Sami had sex. The pair vowed to keep their tryst a secret. However, in time the truth came out, destroying both of their relationships.

Framed and Reunited

When Stefano was “murdered” and EJ became the prime suspect, Sami realized he'd been framed. She ended up on the run with her ex, where they, once again, grew closer. Ultimately, EJ was exonerated, after it was revealed that Stefano was alive. In the aftermath, Sami found herself torn between EJ and Rafe, eventually opting to reconcile with Rafe. Yet, she put off telling EJ, who admitted he'd fallen back in love with her. In the end, Sami and Rafe never reconciled, as the drama between Will, Gabi and their unborn child left them on opposite sides. Sami came clean to EJ. She swore she wanted him back and was willing to wait for him.

EJ, who longed to be with Sami, welcomed her into his arms and they reunited.

A Proposal at the Pub

EJ greeted Sami with a single red rose as she entered the pub and asked if she'd like to join him for lunch. As the sipped merlot, Sami noted that it felt like they were celebrating something. “We are celebrating something, us,” responded EJ.

Then, he got down on bended knee, and said, “I love you, Samantha Brady, with all of my heart. Will you please do me the great privilege and honor of being my wife?” A stunned Sami hesitated at first, admitting she's always been “ridiculously insecure” and that most people only love a small part or her or want to change her. EJ was happy to explain the many reasons he adored her, “the most important being that I love you for who you are.” Finally, Sami replied, “Yes! Yes! I'll marry you.” After the couple shared a passionate kiss, EJ whisked Sami back to the DiMera mansion where they could celebrate by making love.

A Deal with the Devil

Determined to make sure Will would be a part of his unborn daughter's life, after Nick blackmailed him into signing away his rights to the child, Sami was desperate. So desperate she turned to Stefano for help. Stefano got rid of the police evidence against Will, implicating him as EJ's shooter at his wedding to Sami. All seemed well, until Sami suspected Stefano was double-crossing her. It turned out she was right, when she shot and killed Bernardi just as he was ready to castrate a comatose Rafe. When the razor Bernardi was holding vanished, there was no evidence to back Sami's claim and she was charged with murder.

Unable to secure Sami's freedom by his own devices, EJ was forced to beg his father to save her. Stefano agreed to help, if he was reinstated at the helm of DiMera Enterprises, he resumed living at the manse with EJ and his family, and EJ reconnected with his father. EJ agreed to the terms, the murder weapon surfaced, and Sami was set free. Only now she was sentenced to living under Stefano's roof and rules. The danger surrounding the DiMera family became more evident when Bernardi's widow crashed Sami and EJ's engagement party and shot Chad.


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