Eleanor Roosevelt Pictures

A Collection of Pictures of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

Anna Eleanor Roosevelt U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt United Nations

Learn more about this tall first lady (she was 5 feet 11 inches tall!) by browsing this collection of historic pictures of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Portraits and Close-Ups of Eleanor Roosevelt

Picture of Eleanor Roosevelt in an official 1943 portrait.
Eleanor Roosevelt (1943). (Picture from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt in a school portrait, close-up (1898)
  • Portrait (1898)
  • Eleanor's engagement portrait (1904)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt wearing her wedding dress (1905)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt sitting in a portrait (1915)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, wearing a hat and fur shawl, in New York City (1940)
  • Close-Up at Pearl Harbor (1943)
  • Portrait (1943)
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, close-up (1949)
  • Close-up (1951)

Eleanor as a Young Girl

Picture of Eleanor Roosevelt in a school portrait.
Eleanor Roosevelt in school portrait. (1898). (Picture from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library)
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