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Technology in the Classroom with Multimedia Lesson Plans

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Using technology in the classroom, whether in elementary or secondary school, is an expectation in the curricula of just about every grade level. Some teachers are at a loss as to how to do this. My response to them is that if you make the experience fun, kids will want to participate. It can be your secret that they are learning as well.

PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker are easy to use multimedia tools to enhance your lesson plans.

Students can acquire computer skills in this software in the form of Webquests, multiple choice quizzes, building Web pages using PowerPoint and making simple videos using Windows Movie Maker.

Integrate Technology in the Classroom with Multimedia Lesson Plans

  • Create Story Maps Using PowerPoint
    • Visual story maps teach children at the elementary grade level how to organize ideas to create stories or to summarize the contents of a story after reading a book.
    • Sample story map to download.
    • Learn how to use diagram tools in PowerPoint.
    • Suitable for grades 4 and up.

Presentation Tips for Students

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