Elementary Classroom Bulletin Board Ideas

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Classroom bulletin boards are a great way to display student work in an organized and attractive manner. Whether you're creating a seasonal board, teaching board, or bragging board, it's a fun way to dress up a plain wall to correlate with your teaching idea or style.

Back to School

These back to school bulletin board ideas are a great way to welcome students back for a new school year. Teachers Corner offers a variety of ideas such as:

  • A Brand New Bunch of _______ Graders
  • Recipe for a Great School Year
  • Blast off to a Great Year
  • "Checkin and Check Us Out". Welcome Back
  • Darting Into a New Year
  • Look Who's Hanging Out in _______ Grade
  • Quack, Quack Welcome Back
  • Stepping in _______
  • Welcome Aboard______
  • Welcome to a "Fin-Tastic" Year


A birthday bulletin board is a great way to honor and celebrate the most important day in your students' lives. Help make your students feel special, and use the ideas from the Teachers Corner to help celebrate their birthday.

Ideas Include:

  • Eating Our Way to Another Birthday
  • Birthday Train
  • A Sea of Birthdays
  • Happy Bearthday
  • Monthly Birthdays


Your classroom bulletin board is the ideal place to educate your students about the seasons and upcoming holidays. Use this blank slate to express your student's creativity and display their best work. DLTK-Teach lists monthly bulletin board ideas by title and theme. Some ideas include:

  • January - New Year
  • February - Pinch Us We're in Love
  • March - St. Patrick's Day - Our Little Leprechauns
  • April - Some Bunny Loved Me
  • May - Fluttering into Spring
  • June - Sailing into Summer
  • July - Under the Summer Sky
  • September - Welcome to Our School
  • October - Are You Scared?
  • November - Give Thanks
  • December - It's Snow Secret

End of the School Year

If you are looking for a way to wrap up the school year, or help students look forward to the next school year, this school supply website shares great ideas such as:

  • We're Antsy for ______ Grade
  • This Year Flew By...
  • Our Summer's Looking Bright!

Miscellaneous Bulletin Boards

After scouring the internet, talking to fellow educators and gathering together ideas, here is a list of the best miscellaneous board titles for elementary classrooms.

  • I Was Caught Doing Something Good
  • Dive Into a Good Book
  • A "Tee-rific" Class
  • Mrs.____Great Catch
  • Go Bananas for School
  • We "Present" You With Our Wishes for Christmas
  • Welcome to ______School. You Fit Right In!
  • Look Whoo's in Our Room
  • When We Learn We Grow
  • Mrs._____ Class Is in Full Bloom
  • Look Who's Been Spotted in ____
  • Buzz on in to _____ Class
  • A Fresh Bash of Smart Cookies
  • School in September Is TREE-Mendous
  • Surf on into _____
  • Look Who's Hiding in the Pumpkin Patch?
  • Good Work Has Been Spotted
  • This Year Is Going to Rule
  • Popping Through Our _____
  • Wild About Learning
  • We're on the Road to_____
  • Camping Out Under the Stars
  • Hop Into Learning

Tips and Suggestions

Here are some helpful tips to help you improve and create effective classroom displays.

  • Use borders to frame your display. Some unique ideas include Christmas lights, tassels, paper shapes, beads, monopoly money, feathers, rope, pictures, muffin cups, vocabulary words, etc.
  • To make your display stand out use a creative background. Some fun ideas are to use a checkerboard pattern, polka-dots, a plain black background, tablecloth, newspaper, fabric, wrapping paper, cellophane, netting, a brick pattern, etc.
  • Be creative with your letters. Use different items to create words such as glitter, yarn, string, magazine letters, shadow letters or sand.
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