Elementary Summer School Activities

A Collection of Summer Activites by Subject

As the school year comes to an end for some teachers, for others it's time to prepare for summer school activities. Keep your students motivated by creating some fun, hands-on activities that will keep them inspired to learn throughout the summer. Here you find a collection of lessons, activities and ideas to use in your summer school classroom.


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Summer time is the perfect time to get students outside and explore! These activities will allow students to practice their exploration and observation skills in the great outdoors.


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A great way to reinforce important math concepts is by giving students the opportunity to learn by using food. Use these math activities and lessons to teach your students math using a variety of of foods.


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While art projects are usually done inside thought out the school year, try making these crafts outdoors for a change of scenery. You will find a variety of easy to make crafts and projects for all ages.

  • A Collection of Flower Craft Projects
  • A Collection of Sun Visor Crafts
  • A Collection of Independence Day Crafts
  • A Collection of Ice Cream Crafts
  • Watermelon Craft

Language Arts

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Summer school is the perfect time to let students use their imagination and explore their creativity. Use this time to have students practice writing poetry, use their descriptive writing skills and write in their journal.

Social Studies

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To help your students continue to grow their knowledge in social studies, have them partake in variety of fun activities and lessons. Students will enjoy getting hands-on experience while learning about maps and other cultures in the following activities.

  • World Culture Activities
  • Geography is Fun
  • Summer Reading

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    A great way to kick off every morning in summer school is to have students begin the day with a good book. For elementary students in grades k-6 this usually means having the students choose a picture book. Use the following book lists to help you fill your classroom with age appropriate books your students will enjoy all summer long.

    Summer Printables

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    Summer isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Use these fun puzzles, word searches and coloring pages when the weather is just not cooperating outside.

    Summer Field Trips

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    It's going to be hard for any child to stay motivated in summer school when all of their friends are outside playing. A great way to keep students engaged in learning is to take them on a field trip. Use these articles to help you plan a fun outing for your elementary school students.