Sharpen Your Acting Skills with 'Brumbly the Elf' Monologue

Tips for a Successful Audition

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Christmas monologues are a great way for movie and stage actors to practice playing unusual characters like an elf or Santa. "Brumbly the Elf" is a standalone comedic monologue, meaning it's not excerpted from a longer play or film. It is perfect for auditioning for holiday acting roles or just entertaining friends, and the role can be played by anyone—men, women, and children.

Tips for Success

If you're planning on landing a role, preparation is crucial, and choosing the right monologue is part of the process. Acting coaches offer these tips for selecting and delivering a funny monologue like "Brumbly the Elf."

Play to Your Interests

There's nothing more boring than performing a role that doesn't interest you or a character who doesn't fit your type. Pick a monologue that allows you to be yourself as an actor.

Keep It Short

At auditions, you'll be one of the dozens if not hundreds of people vying for a role, and you probably won't have more than a few minutes to give it your all. A successful monologue should be less than two minutes long. 

Break It Down

Read the monologue and mark points where it seems natural for your character to pause or change their delivery. Use these notations to break the script into smaller pieces to make memorization easier and your performance more moving.

Watch Yourself

Record your rehearsals and observe yourself objectively. Does your body language seem natural or stiff? Are you speaking clearly? Where are you focusing your gaze? Use the camera as a silent partner to help you critique your delivery.


Remember, everyone gets nervous, but don't let your anxiety get the better of you or the jury won't be impressed. Think about why you chose your monologue in the first place and use those thoughts and feelings to ground you before acting.

The Monologue

The following scene takes place in Santa's workshop. Inspector Brumbly the Elf is delivering his routine orientation speech to several newly hired elf-recruits.

"All right, you North Pole newbies, this is your orientation. The Christmas countdown is ticking away, we don't have much time, so prick up those pointy ears and listen up! My name is Inspector Brumbly, Elf Number 8425. I have delivered this orientation speech for over a thousand years, so if I look burnt out, it is not your imagination.

"The number one rule here at Santa's workshop is, 'When the fat man is on the floor, look busy.' Everything after that is easy. As you can see this is the main room where all of the magic happens. Make sure when you are working alongside the conveyor belt that you do not wear jingle-bell sleeves. Last year, Happy the Elf lost an arm. Not so happy anymore.

"Over here, we have the stables. Yes, the reindeer fly. But their poop falls to the ground, just like the rest of us, so you can expect to be on 'nugget-patrol' for the first few weeks. And if Sneaky the Elf offers you fudge from the stables, do yourself a favor and say no.

"Some basic tips, common sense really. Don't stare at Rudolph's nose. He hates that. It's red. Get over it. If you see a disoriented talking snowman that says 'Happy Birthday,' just smile and nod politely. He's senile but harmless. Don't listen to rumors about Mrs. Claus and the Easter Bunny, and don't mention those rumors to Santa. And especially don't mention to him after he's had more than two glasses of eggnog. Trust me on this one, I know from experience.

"All right, elves, that's about it. Let's get to work!"

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