Elizabeth Hopper

Psychology Expert


Ph.D., Psychology, University of California - Santa Barbara

B.A., Psychology and Peace & Conflict Studies, University of California - Berkeley


  • Ph.D. in psychology from UC Santa Barbara
  • Conducted research at UC Santa Barbara's Emotion, Motivation, Behavior, and Relationships (EMBeR) Lab 


Elizabeth received her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. At UCSB, she worked in the Emotion, Motivation, Behavior, and Relationships (EMBeR) Lab, led by Dr. Shelly Gable. Her EMBeR research topics included as how gratitude benefits relationships, how positive emotions improve the ability to cope with stressful events, and which factors influence creativity. Her dissertation investigated the role of different forms of gratitude on well-being.

Prior to her graduate studies at UC Santa Barbara, Elizabeth worked in a health psychology lab at UC San Francisco, where she studied the impact of stress on the immune system.


Elizabeth received her Ph.D. in psychology from UC Santa Barbara. She also holds a B.A. in psychology and a B.A. in peace & conflict studies from UC Berkeley.

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