What was Elvis Presley's last day like?

Question: What was Elvis Presley's last day like?

Answer: Tuesday, August 16, 1977:

12:00 midnight: After his 10:30 pm dentist's appointment is completed, Elvis and girlfriend Ginger Alden return to Graceland.

2:15 am: Elvis calls his doctor to request more painkillers, ostensibly because of pain engendered by the dentist trip. Elvis' stepbrother Ricky Stanley drives to the all-night pharmacy at Baptist Memorial Hospital and returns with six Dilaudid pills.

4:00 am: Elvis wakes up first cousin Billy Smith and his wife, Jo, to request they play a game of racquetball with him. Presley, as usual, plays the game while barely moving, and playfully attempts to hit Billy with the ball. In doing so, Elvis manages to hit himself with his racquet, bruising his leg. The game is called off.

4:30 am: Elvis moves to a nearby piano and performs two unidentified gospel numbers and "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain."

5:00 am: Elvis decides to turn in early (for him), going up to his bedroom with Ginger. He takes one of the pre-packaged packets of pills created by his doctor for twice-daily use.

7:00 am: Elvis takes a second pack of pills.

8:00 am: Still unable to sleep, Elvis asks for a third packet, which is brought to him by his aunt, Delta Mae Biggs.

9:30 am: Elvis takes the book he's been reading, Frank Adams' The Scientific Search For The Face Of Jesus, and goes into his bathroom, "Don't fall asleep in there," she says, knowing his propensity to nod off. "Okay, I won't," he says. Ginger goes back to sleep.

1:30 pm: Ginger awakens and sees Elvis is still gone. When knocking on the bathroom door produces no reply, she enters and finds his lifeless body on the floor in front of the toilet. She screams for Elvis associates Al Strada and Joe Esposito, who arrive and call the fire department. An ambulance is dispatched. Daughter Lisa Marie and father Vernon arrive in the bathroom, but Lisa Marie is quickly removed from the scene.

2:56 pm: Elvis Presley arrives at the Baptist Medical Center in Memphis.

3:00 pm: Elvis is pronounced dead.

4:00 pm: On the steps of Graceland, heartbroken father Vernon Presley tells the assembled reporters: "My son is dead."