Make an Emergency Survival Fishing Kit

A survival fishing kit can help you hook a fish for dinner. Photo © Flickr® user kasperbs.

An emergency fishing kit doesn’t need to be bulky or expensive to help you fish for food in a survival situation. Even a few items--such as a hook and some line--can be very helpful when you need them the most. If you know how to make a fishing pole out of items in your natural surroundings, you’re off to a great start. But if you have an emergency fishing kit, the task will be a lot easier.

Use this list to help you gather essential and additional items:

Survival Fishing Kit: Essential Items

  • Fish hooks, assorted sizes
  • Fishing line
  • Razor blade or folding razor knife
  • Kit container

Choose a lightweight hard-shelled container to keep the hooks from tearing through a soft container and damaging other gear. Consider carrying these items in a plastic film canister or a tin box with a lid. You may also choose to seal the container with waterproof tape or duct tape so that if you carry the kit with you all of the time, it won’t become damaged on rainy days.

You may choose to include only a segment of fishing line that’s a foot or so long, and you can lengthen it by attaching it to other improvised line that you may already have with you, such as shoelaces or parachute cord.

Survival Fishing Kit: Additional Items

  • Fishing line, already equipped with a bobber, sinker, and hook
  • Fishing lures, various
  • Flies
  • Salmon eggs (preserved bait)
  • Multi-tool knife

If you’re injured and unable to search for natural bait in your surroundings, it’s nice to have a variety of bait, flies, and lures already stocked in your emergency fishing kit.

Having a multi-tool knife in addition to a basic knife or razor knife will also help you assemble your fishing pole and gut the fish you catch.