Emma Samms: Former "General Hospital" Star

The actress portrayed fan favorite Holly Sutton

Emma Samms (Holly Sutton)
Emma Samms (Holly Sutton) on General Hospital. ABC, Inc.

Emma Samms is well known as Fallon Carrington Colby on the hit TV show "Dynasty." But before she joined the "Dynasty" cast, Samms was a popular star of General Hospital as con artist turned good girl Holly Sutton.

During her run on "General Hospital," Holly was involved with leading male characters Luke Spencer and Robert Scorpio, eventually marrying Robert. She left the show in 1985 but continued to pop in from time to time when plot lines warranted.


Here's a snapshot of the actress who played Holly Sutton.

Emma Samms Early Life 

Samms was born Emma E. W. Samuelson in Willesden, London, England on August 28, 1960. She was born into a show business family: Her mother was a ballet dancer, and her father owned a rental company for film equipment.

Her grandfather, G.B. Samuelson, was a pioneer in British cinema and founded Southall Studios, an early film studio in the United Kingdom.

Samms initially trained in ballet, but at the age of 15, she suffered a hip injury and was forced to quit dancing. She was told she would never dance again, and went into acting, shortening her name to Emma Samms.

Samms' brother Jamie died at the age of 9 from aplastic anemia, and in response, Samms and her cousin Peter Samuelson founded the Starlight Children's Foundation in 1983. This group helps sick children and their families through a variety of methods: entertainment, education, and activities geared toward families.

Emma Samms Acting Career

After acting in several TV movies ("More Wild Wild West," "Goliath Awaits") and a miniseries ("Ellis Island'), Samms landed the role of Holly Sutton in 1982. The character was an instant hit with fans.

When "Dynasty" came calling, Holly supposedly died in a plane crash.

Samms replaced Pamela Sue Martin beginning with the fifth season finale in 1985.

She then went on to The Colbys, the short-lived "Dynasty" spinoff, reprising the Fallon role.

She returned to Dynasty in 1987 and stayed until the show's end in 1989. In 1991, she appeared in the Dynasty reunion miniseries.

Holly Returns and Returns and Returns

In 1992, Holly rose from the plane crash rubble and returned to "General Hospital" for a season, playing not only Holly but her half-sister Paloma.

Samms next starred in the series "Models Inc." followed by series "Holby City," and a daytime BBC show "The Doctors," as well as TV movies and appearances on "Mike Hammer," "The Bill," "Murder, She Wrote," "Lois & Clark," and "Tales from the Crypt," among others.

In 2006, Samms again returned to "General Hospital" as Holly for a brief stint. Holly reappeared in Port Charles in 2009, this time with the admission that she gave birth to Luke's son Ethan (Nathan Parsons). She made other appearances in 2012 and 2013 to help Luke out of some tight spots.

Emma Samms After General Hospital'

 In 2009, she was in a London musical revue, "Shall We Dance," at the Sadler's Wells Theatre, where she danced for the first time in 32 years. Samms had a role in a 2013 film called "Vendetta."

Married three times, she was also involved with her "General Hospital" co-star Tristan Rogers in 1984 and was briefly engaged to composer/pianist Marvin Hamlisch.

She has two children, Cameron and Beatrice, with former husband, John Holloway, from whom she was divorced in 2003.

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