Emperors of the Ming Dynasty


The Ming Dynasty is famous world-wide for its graceful blue-and-white glazed porcelains, and for the voyages of Zheng He and the Treasure Fleet. The Ming were also the only ethnically Han Chinese family to rule the empire between 1270 and the end of the imperial system in 1911.

This list includes the Ming emperors' given names and their reign-names, as well as their years in power.


  • Zhu Yuanzhang, the Hongwu Emperor, 1368-1398
  • Zhu Yunwen, the Jianwen Emperor, 1398-1402
  • Zhu Di, the Yongle Emperor, 1402-1424
  • Zhu Gaochi, the Hongxi Emperor, 1424-1425
  • Zhu Zhangji, the Xuande Emperor, 1425-1435
  • Zhu Qizhen, the Zhengtong Emperor, 1435-1449 and 1457-1464
  • Zhu Qiyu, the Jingtai Emperor, 1449-1457
  • Zhu Jianshen, the Chenghua Emperor, 1464-1487
  • Zhu Youtang, the Hongzhi Emperor, 1487-1505
  • Zhu Houzhao, the Zhengde Emperor, 1505-1521
  • Zhu Houcong, the Jiajing Emperor, 1521-1566
  • Zhu Zaihou, the Longqing Emperor, 1566-1572
  • Zhu Yijun, Wanli Emperor, 1572-1620
  • Zhu Changluo, the Taichang Emperor, 1620
  • Zhu Youjiao, the Tianqi Emperor, 1620-1627
  • Zhu Youjian, the Chongzhen Emperor, 1627-1644


For more information, see the List of Chinese Dynasties.

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