En effet

French expressions analyzed and explained

En effet !
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Expression: En effet

Pronunciation: [a(n) nay feh]

Meaning: indeed, because, actually, in fact, that's right

Literal translation: in effect

Register: normal

Notes: The French expression en effet is used to confirm what was just said and may also introduce an explanation or other additional information.


   -Il veut venir avec nous ? -En effet.
   -He wants to come with us? -That's right.

   Je ne serai pas là mardi, en effet, je dois amener ma mère chez le médecin.

   I won't be there on Tuesday, because I have to take my mother to the doctor

   Elle est en effet plus grande.
   Indeed / You're right / That's true, she is taller.

   -As-tu déjà vu ce film ? -En effet, je l'ai vu la semaine dernière.
   -Have you already seen this movie? -Yes, in fact, I saw it last week.

The expression en effet is underutilized by English speakers, who often say en fait when what they really mean is en effet. Both expressions can be translated by "in fact," but the difference is that en effet confirms, whereas en fait contradicts.

Synonym: When used to agree with what was just said, en effet is synonymous with voilà.