Encounter with the Soul Eater

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James has terrifying experiences after dabbling in the occult and conjuring a dark, tormenting entity

The following events took place from June, 2008 through November 2014 in Covina, California. From the ages of 20 to 26.

During the summer of 2008, I had dabbled into ritualistic Satanism. It had always been an interest for a couple years prior, but this was the first time I had actually done something to this degree.

As idiotic as it may be. I summoned a demon in hopes to aid my friend, Sam. (I know... I know... stupid thought at the time).

The ritual worked to some degree, I remember the eerie feeling in the air and the guttural growling coming within the shadows of the room where I performed the ritual. Afterward, everything seemed normal again.

Some days later, I started getting a horrible feeling, like something was watching me. I was with an old childhood friend, Amanda, and she was staying the night at my place. That night I had a terrifying night terror of a shadowy entity ripping out my organs and feasting upon them while I was bound to a metal slab.

The creature was bulky with large twisting horns, glowing blood red eyes, and rotting flesh caught between its long, sharp teeth. I woke up with a jolt, waking Amanda next to me with a startle. I was dripping sweat and hyperventilating.

After some consoling, she convinced me to tell her what happened.

Although I never described the creature to her in detail. And I knew that it had something to do with the demon I had summoned a few nights prior.

The next night, she stayed again upon request, as I didn't want to be by myself. And sure enough, I had the same nightmare. This time, however, Sam was trapped inside this shadow entity's abdomen.

Its core had the shape of an old-fashioned jail cell, and she was kicking and screaming from the inside, fighting to break free. It was as if the inside was soundproofed, although I could reach inside between the "bars" if I wanted. This time, the nightmare ended with the entity crushing my head against the metal slab after it was done eating.

Once again, I jolted up, this time screaming. I scared the hell out of my friend. I immediately got out of bed and took anything that represented Satanism to the trashcan outside my house. Where the cans were was around the side, in which I had to go out the back sliding glass door to get to. (Note that the back porch light is next time the sliding glass door, not the side of the house where the trashcans are).

After throwing away everything I could think of, I turned back to see a long shadow of a lanky arm with claws sliding along the ground toward me. I quickly ran around it and managed to get back inside what I thought was the safety of my home. Going back upstairs to my room, I found my friend huddled on the edge of the bed against the wall, starring at the opposing corner of my bedroom. She was shaking and her face was pale with wide eyes.

I remember her cracking voice when she spoke, "I think... I think I just saw whatever it was you pissed off." She sounded like she was going to cry. The air in the room was so heavy and dense. It's a feeling I will never forget. I asked her to describe what she saw, and it was a little different than how I saw it in my nightmares.

She described it like a black shadow humanoid creature, the same twisting horns, and the flesh between its teeth. She never mentioned its eyes and even said that its lower half was made of a smoke and shadows. I knew right then and there, what I was seeing wasn't in my head. I wasn't crazy, though I wish I was at the time. We didn't go back to sleep that night.

After taking her home the next day, I visited a friend of mine, who was adept in the occult. After several hours of researching and trying to figure out what this thing is, we found that it was essentially a Soul Eater.

It's supposed to be a demonic debt collector of sorts. I asked her why specifically would this demon come for me. Her response was since I was never a baptized Satanist and only "self proclaimed". This thing was known for "collecting souls of those that have cheated the Devil."

She explained further that once a person sees its eyes, it marks their soul like a brand, attracting other demons as well. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I knew what she was saying was the truth. I explained everything to my friend who had seen only the shadow of this "Soul Eater" and over time, our friendship deteriorated. This thing began a process of possession I believe, as it isolated me and continued to torment me for years to come.

Sam had ended up in a psychiatric facility in Seattle, Washington and was convinced she was a Satanist while inside for several months. I only found this out once she got out and called me to catch up. Though she didn't feel that way prior or after.

In December, 2010, I moved into an apartment with a couple of friends, including Sam. She was the only one who knew about what I did and what plagued me.

Shortly after moving in, I was taking a shower and for a brief moment I saw and tasted blood coming from the shower head. There was another time that I had seen the Soul Eater in the bathroom mirror, as if it were opening a door into this world, and being slammed against the wall as it grabbed me by the throat.

This violence had been going on for several years, until I finally met someone that could truly help me. After learning of the curse I had endured for so long due to my reckless actions. This person had given me a quartz and explained to me that demons are of a lower vibrational frequency. Since I had been in such a negative and dark place for so long, I too severely lowered my own vibration.

The quartz she gave me helped in raising my own vibration and I hadn't had an incident since. It goes to show that negativity breeds negativity and that we can be in control of that when it comes down to it.

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