Encounters with Angels

Amazing true stories of angelic intervention

DO ANGELS EXIST? Are there supernatural spirit beings that watch over us? Many believe that angels are not only around us at all times, but that in certain instances they can even intervene in our lives. Sometimes they offer comforting feelings or words, or messages of encouragement. In the most astonishing cases, they are even credited with changing the courses of lives – even saving people from certain injury or death.

Here are some amazing stories from readers – ordinary people like you.

Kissed by an Angel

When she lost custody of her only child, Helen fell into a dark depression from which she saw no remedy. “I came to a breaking point where I did not want to live with the circumstances as they were... my pain was too great,” Helen says. “I cried my heart out to God so strongly, then collapsed on my bedroom floor with a completely broken heart.

“I just kept asking God, ‘Why me? Why did this turn out this way?’ Suddenly, I heard a man's voice very clearly and calmly say, ‘Get up. It's not over. It's not over.’

“At first I was afraid, but then an extreme peace came over me. I stopped crying and stood up. Those words gave me hope. I went to bed and began to pray again to God, when suddenly I felt a kiss on my cheek! It was clear as day, but there was nobody with me. Once again, I was overcome with the greatest sense of peace, love and tranquility that I know only comes from God.

“I fell into an immediate sleep and dreamt of the Archangel Michael standing beside my bed staring down at me with an incredible look of concern and compassion. His eyes were a spectacular blue, and he had a strong nose and beautifully chiseled face with long hair. He was wearing white and his wings wrapped around my entire bedroom as if enclosing me in a cocoon.

I knew it was Michael, because he had a large sword in his hand as if to protect me. And I knew in my heart that this was who kissed me and that he was sent by God to minister to me.

“The next morning, I awoke for the first time in months feeling as if my burdens were all lifted. It was the first time I asked God to help me forgive the judge, my husband and all the people who hurt me. From that day on, my depression lifted, and I began to rebuild my life as a weekend mom. Today, I have an excellent relationship with my now almost 15-year-old son, and we treasure our time together.”

My Son's Protector

One theory says that angels are spiritual beings who never lived as mortals. Others, however, believe that loved ones who have passed on can become our guardian angels. Anne is one of those people. She believes her mother may be watching over her son from another plane of existence.

“When he was seven, he came running in the house on a usual day with an unusual tale,” Anne recalls. “He said he was out riding bikes and running around like all the kids did. He was running really fast and tripped on something he didn't see. As he looked at the ground he was about to hit, there was a 2x4 with a big nail sticking out pretty far – and it was headed right for the middle of his forehead.

There was no stopping his momentum. Suddenly, two adult-size hands grabbed him around the torso and set him upon his feet, just like that – and there was no one near him at the time.”

Why does Anne think it was her mother? She remembers a powerful experience when her son was just four months old.

“One night I was home alone with my son, Josh. I was at the end of the hallway sitting on the edge of the tub running a bath. Where I was, I could see the living room. Josh was in a room right off the living room in his crib asleep. Suddenly, I knew someone was sitting in the chair in line of my sight, but there was no one physically there. I turned off the water. Seeing as my son was in the room next to this thing, I had no choice but to confront.

“I was not afraid. Suddenly, I felt a difference in a part of the room.

It was as if a door to another place altogether had opened up in front of me. The entity came to me and put its arms around me. The closer it got, the more love I felt so intensely. I came to know who it was. It was my mom.

“By the time she actually embraced me, I was in joyful tears. She moved over to the room my son was in. She was next to his crib now, admiring him and telling me without words how beautiful he was and how loved he was. I saw her smile at me. Maybe she's been with us all along.”

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Voice Saved Pregnancy

Are pregnant women afforded special attention from the angelic realm? Consider Alicia’s experience who, in the summer of 1980, was seven months pregnant when she was driving back home from a visit with her obstetrician. “The weather was hot and sweltery,” Alicia says, “and having no air conditioning in my car, I was riding along with the window rolled down.

“As I approached a curve in the road, I heard a voice say ‘Roll up the window!

You're about to be hit by a rock!’ There was no one in the car with me, I didn't have the radio on, and there was not a car in sight in front of me or behind. Yet the voice prompted a feeling in me that was so urgent, it filled me with such conviction that I immediately rolled the window up.

“Not 60 seconds later, a large gravel truck came around the curve from the opposite direction. As our vehicles passed one another, a large stone fell from the truck, bounced, and whacked my window right beside my head. Had I not listened to what I thought of as some strange inner voice, I don't know that I – nor my unborn son – would be here today.”

Angelic Touch

Leah believes her mother had an angelic intercession before she was pregnant. “She and my dad wanted a baby more than anything in the world,” Leah says, “and they had been trying for months and nothing was happening. My mom found out from the doctor that she had a small uterus, like the size that a child would have, and that chances of her ever getting pregnant were slim to none.

“My parents both strongly believe that you should put every problem you have in God's hands and believe that he will bless you and provide you with what you need. So every night they would continue to pray before they would go to sleep.

“My mother is a very deep sleeper, but one night something woke her up.

She looked next to her and standing there was a bright white figure. She saw an arm extend in front of it coming toward my mom. She closed her eyes and felt the hand touch her belly. When she opened her eyes, it was gone.

“About two weeks later, she found out she was pregnant, and on August 21, 1977 she gave birth to my sister Lydia. To this day my mother will tell you that God had answered hers and my father's prayers by sending them an angel.”

Guardian Angel Took the Wheel

Most astonishing and mind-boggling are the cases in which lives are literally saved by these unseen forces. It was November, 2004 when Henry was driving home from a dinner party. It was about 11:30 p.m.

“I had a little to drink that night,” Henry admits, “but I stopped drinking about 9:30 p.m. I was driving north on the Antelope Valley freeway to my home in Lancaster, California. I dozed off while driving close to the Escondido Canyon road area. I actually fell asleep driving 85 mph!

“Suddenly, my head was raised from the lowered position it was in and my eyes were forced open. I saw a metal guard rail coming right at me at 85 mph. This I know because I glanced at my speedometer. Something grabbed my wrist tightly and smoothly steered my car away from the guard rail.

I could hear the squeals of my tires and I felt the car was going to tip over. It didn't. I have no doubt whatsoever that my guardian angel saved my life that night.”

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Life-Saving Vision in Fog

Tammy was also driving when she received a forceful message that probably saved her life and the lives of her daughters. “My girls and I had just been visiting my parents,” Tammy recalls. “Before we knew it, it was midnight. My parents asked me to stay the night since it was so late and very foggy, but I just wanted to get home. My two girls, ages one and four, were soon sound asleep in their car seats behind me.

I had my music turned on pretty loud.

“The four-lane road that I had to take had a very steep hill in the middle of it. When I first turned onto the road, I stayed in the fast lane. Later, I started thinking about the hill that was coming up, and about which lane would be the safest to drive in. I could only see one car length ahead of my car. I decided that a car going down the hill might drift into my lane (because of the thick fog) and I didn't want to get hit head-on.

“I decided to switch into the slow lane. Still nearing the hill, I heard a voice (not out-loud, but in my mind) say, ‘Get back in the fast lane.’ I then saw a movie (in my mind) of me driving in the slow lane and suddenly about to crash into the back of a big truck that had stalled halfway up the hill. I couldn’t see it until the last minute because of the fog.

“Then I heard it again. ‘Get in the fast lane!’ I moved into the fast lane just before I started up the hill.

When I was just about to reach the top, there, in just an instant, I saw the outlines of three people trying to push a stalled car to the side of the road. They all ran from the car to the side of the road as I approached. The back bumper of the car was still two feet into my lane. I had to swerve to miss it.

The car was sideways, blocking all of the slow lane and partly into my lane.

“I barely missed that bumper. My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would pop right out of my chest. I thought about what could have happened if I had not listened to the voice. I don’t know if it was a guardian angel, but I’m thankful to have gotten the warning.”

Pinball Angels

Rarest of all angelic encounters are those in which the beings materialize in physical form – usually appearing as regular people. But their actions suggest they are something much more. Josh may have been lucky enough to meet these beings in a desperate situation.

“My van broke down in Tennessee as I drove to Virginia,” Josh says. “I hitchhiked to a truck stop after having the van towed to a local mechanic. I spent my last two dollars on chips and a drink. I started to ask people if anyone was headed north to Virginia. Nobody would help me. Hours went by as I looked at magazines.

“All of a sudden there was a man and woman with blonde hair wearing all white. They were playing pinball. I walked over and asked if they may be going to Virginia. The woman said ‘sorry’ and smiled at me.

“I walked back to the magazines. After their game, the couple walked over to me and asked if I was hungry.

I explained how I was now broke. They treated me to dinner. It was getting late and they said they lived in the motel next to the truck stop. I was hesitant, but they seemed very kind. I also needed a shower. I noticed in their hotel room that they had no other belongings or clothes. I asked about this and the woman said, ‘Don't you know what we are?’ Then the word angels came to my mind and the room seemed to get brighter and more comfortable.

“After I showered and came to my bed (it was a room with two beds), I was worried again about their intentions. The guy said, ‘We install aluminum siding on houses around here, and help out folks who travel.’ We watched some TV and I fell asleep. I'm a light sleeper and whenever I woke up, the other two were just smiling peacefully, as if they didn't really need sleep.

“The next day, they bought me a bus ticket. Before I got on the bus, we prayed together. They reminded me to be blessed and be a blessing. Halfway to my bus I turned around... and they had vanished.”