Encounters with Black-Eyed People

There's something more than just odd about these black-eyed people. Those who have encountered them sense an air of evil, of malevolence. Doubters say they are just posers with black-tinted contact lenses, but people who have met them face-to-face say that their strangeness goes much deeper. The feeling is of darkness, demonic... not human. Oh, and never let them in your house if they come knocking. Here are some true stories.

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Abusive, Black-Eyed Dad

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"When he would abuse us his eyes would turn pure black! I'm serious, his eyes would turn black -- no whites left...."

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Another Black-Eyed Person Incident

"I live in Louisville, Kentucky. I had the encounter in the fall. My nieces and I were out shopping for some new shirts when I could feel someone looking at me from behind...."

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Black-Eyed Bookstore People

"As I was looking down, I saw movement coming up behind me out of the corner of my eye. It was the girl...."

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Black-Eyed Businessman

After a woman pays for gas, she encounters a man in a business suit, but with no eyes!

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Black-Eyed Couple

Two friends encounter a young couple that seems "zoned out" and with totally black eyes.

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Black-Eyed Creatures of Muir of Ord

"It was not just bad-tempered; her eyes could not be seen, only a blackness where eyes should have been. Her look was accompanied by and intense feeling of malevolence...."

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Black-Eyed Creep of London

"This was not the normal stare of a drunk idiot checking out a girl. It was an incredible, intense, malevolent stare, and it made me more than uncomfortable...."

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Black-Eyed Customer

A grocery store employee is freaked out by a weird, black-eyed man.

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Black-Eyed Demon

"I was a good ten feet away from the bushes when I saw a hideous thing jump out the bushes...."

"She knocked on our door three or four times. Sleeping nearest the window, I opened the curtain and looked at the girl. Her eyes were wild and all black...." More »

"I stuck my head out and looked both left and right. I wish I didn't. A little longer down the hallway stood a little girl, wearing a silky nightdress, with her hair in front of her face...." More »

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Black-Eyed Kid Bit Me

"I looked up into his eyes and, yes, his eyes were black. I told him that I was out of gas and that I'm not supposed to drive anyone around except myself and my parents. He kept trying to get me to give him a ride, and I kept saying no...."

"As I approached the door to look through the peephole, I was extremely surprised to see two young kids standing there. At this point, my uneasiness turned into dread...." More »

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Black-Eyed Kid Wants In

"She said she was frozen to the spot as the child asked to be let in. That was when the cat had come out of the bedroom and lay out on the floor, ears out and hissing...."

A realtor is unnerved by the black-eyed 17-year-old who comes to her door seeking an apartment. More »

"The next thing made me jump out of the bed. It sounded like someone was trying to force entry into my flat...." More »

A creepy black-eyed woman asks to be let in. More »

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Black-Eyed Man at Walmart

A creepy black-eyed man is spotted in line at Walmart.

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Black-Eyed Man in Car

A girl, eating cookies in her car, is stared at by a strange man with eyes cold and black.

Here is yet another sighting of a black-eyed person in a Walmart; this one walked funny, too. More »

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Black-Eyed Man in the Elevator

A banker encounters a man with pitch-black eyes who was going "nowhere."

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Black-Eyed Man vs. Angel

Is there a war going on that we don't know about? This takes place in Indianapolis.

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The Black-Eyed Man Who Wasn't There

"Michael said he felt great fear at first while in his presence. He knew this man was staring at him, but he didn't want to make eye-contact, but felt compelled not to feel fear...."

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Black-Eyed Passenger

"It was female with jet black hair and the whitest chalky skin I had ever seen in my life. But the worst things were those black eyes...."

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Black-Eyed Passenger

A flight attendant encounters a black-eyed man dressed in brown leather on a flight to New York.

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Black-Eyed Reluctant Driver

"He wanted me to drive him to Interstate 10 and would pay me money. I told my boss about this person in the parking lot, and he said that he was crazy...."

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Black-Eyed Salesman

"My father looked at him and said, 'Aren't you going to show us what you've got?' The guy kept saying, still looking around, 'Only if you invite me in.'..."

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Black-Eyed Shopper

Another black-eyed person is spotted at Walmart, this one a young woman.

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Black-Eyed Supervisor

In Alamosa, Colorado, Michael says he might have actually worked with one of these black-eyed people.

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Black-Eyed Thing

KJ is confronted by a tall black-eyed thing in his own living room.

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Black-Eyed Thing at the Old Mill

"Then I looked and next thing I knew, this bald guy in a dark trench coat walked around the corner...."

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Black-Eyed Waitress

A customer is unnerved by a black-eyed waitress in a coffee shop.

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Black-Eyed Woman

She was encountered in a woman's restroom at a highway rest stop.

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Black-Eyed Youngsters

A woman and her two children come into a carpet store -- all with black eyes.

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Freaky Black-Eyed Man

Another black-eyed man was seen in Wal-Mart.

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Freakish Black-Eyed Man

"I knew I didn't like this guy because he was always grinning and staring at me and as I came closer, I made a point of avoiding eye contact...."

A marine's instincts go on the alert in an encounter with black-eyed children. More »

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More Black-Eyed Kids

At 11 at night, two black-eyed children knock on Adele's door and ask to come in.

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More Black-Eyed People

This black-eyed man was seen in Starbucks, watching with those dark eyes.