Endangered Species Lesson Plans

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One of the best ways for teachers to get students interested in nature and natural science is by teaching them about endangered animals. Reading up on pandas, tigers, elephants, and other creatures is a fun way to introduce young learners to topics such as ecosystems, biodiversity, and conservation. Building lessons is simple with the help of the resources below.

Wild and Wonderful Lessons About Endangered Species

Source: Educationworld.com

The five lessons included here involve research and role-playing.

Are These Animals Threatened, Endangered, or Extinct?

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This lesson introduces students to the concepts of extinct, endangered, and threatened species, with a focus on Hawaii and its native creatures.

Endangered Species 1: Why Are Species Endangered?

Source: Sciencenetlinks.com

This lesson exposes students to the plight of endangered species and helps them understand and gain perspective on issues that continue to affect animals and threaten our global environment.

What Are Endangered Species?

Source: Learningtogive.org

The "Endangered Species—It's Not Too Late" lesson is designed to help students understand the meaning of endangered species and how they can be protected.

Critically Endangered Species Lesson Plan

Source: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

The goal of this lesson is to provide an understanding of critically endangered species, how they differ from endangered species, and why certain animals are critically endangered.

Threatened, Endangered, and Extinct Lesson Plan

Source: Pennsylvania State University

The "Threatened, Endangered, and Extinct" lesson plan focuses on species that are in serious danger of extinction.

Endangered Species Lesson Plans - Environmental Education in ...

Source: EEinwisconsin.org

These lesson plans were developed to provide elementary through high school teachers with ideas for how to teach students about endangered species conservation.

Save the Turtles - Ride the Turtle Education Rainbow 

Source: Savetheturtles.org

An excellent resource created on a book-based thematic approach for ages 5 through 12, this site offers suggestions for sea turtle stories. It also includes pre-activities, hands-on activities, and suggestions for community action.

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