Endangered Species Lesson Plans

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The Loneliest Animals  

Source: Public Broadcasting Service

This guide helps students focus on endangered animals that are facing the possibility of extinction, and explore the ways people are trying to protect them. This guide includes teacher’s pages and student activity masters that can be used with the program.

Wild and Wonderful Lessons About Endangered Species

Source: Educationworld.com

Five lessons that involve research, role-playing, and real-life creatures.

Are These Animals Threatened, endangered, or extinct?

Source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This lesson introduces students to the concepts of extinct, endangered, and threatened species with a focus on Hawaii.

Endangered Species 1: Why Are Species Endangered?

Source: Sciencenetlinks.com

This lesson will orient students to the plight of endangered species and help them understand and gain perspective on human issues that continue to endanger species and threaten our global environment.

People and Endangered Species

Source: National Geographic

This lesson provides students with an overview of some endangered species and of the ways that human activities contribute to species endangerment with a focus on optimism. Students will be asked to devise their own species protection plans.

What Are Endangered Species?

Source: Learningtogive.org

Endangered Species--It's Not Too Late lesson is designed to help students understand the meaning of endangered species.

Critically Endangered Species Lesson Plan

Source: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

The goal of this lesson is to provide an understanding of critically endangered species, how they differ from endangered species, and why they are critically endangered.

Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Lesson Plan

Source: Pennsylvania State University

Threatened, Endangered and Extinct Lesson Plan focusing on species that are in serious danger of extinction and have already been reduced to critically.

Elephants Never Forget Teaching Guide and Lessons

Source: Time for Kids

Elephants, Never Forget aims to educate students about wild elephants and their unique role in our shared world, including topics related to biodiversity and habitats, as well as some of the issues and challenges elephants face.

Endangered Animals

Source: New Hampshire Fish and Game Department

Students will develop empathy, concern, and awareness of and about endangered animals.

EekoWorld | PBS KIDS GO!

Source: PBS Kids

EekoWorld features fifteen lesson plans. There are three lessons for each grade level from kindergarten through grade four. The lesson plans contain the following components: overviews, grade level, learning objectives, building background activities, learning activities, extension activities, and standards. The educational standards for all the lessons are compiled by grade ranges from K-2 and 3-5. Therefore, you may wish to explore lessons other than those specific to the grade level class you teach. The following section describes the lesson plans for each of the grade levels.

Lesson Plans - National Wildlife Federation

Source: National Wildlife Federation

Download lesson plans about conservation, ecology, habitat, ecosystems, and wildlife such as Butterfly Life Cycle (grades K-2, 3-4) and Endangered and At-Risk Species.

Elementary - Everglades Foundation

Source: Everglades Foundation

Exploring the Everglades Lesson Plans for Elementary School.

Endangered Species Lesson Plans - Environmental Education in ...

Source: EEinwisconsin.org

These lesson plans were developed to provide elementary through high school teachers ideas to facilitate classroom instruction of endangered species conservation.

Save the Turtles - Ride the Turtle Education Rainbow - Teachers ...

Source: Costaricaturtles.org

An excellent resource created on a book-based thematic approach for ages 5-12. The site offers suggestions for sea turtle stories exploring pre-activities, hands-on activities, and community action.

Rainforest Heroes

Source: Rainforestheroes.com

Rainforest Lesson Plans for elementary school classrooms that include: Creative writing, Spelling, Reading, Letter Writing, Science, Math, Drama, Music, and Art. Plus, Turn Your Class into a Rainforest. Many teachers have decorated their entire classrooms to look like a rainforest. While this endeavor certainly takes time, creativity and energy, it's a very exciting way to engage the students with their classroom environment while teaching them about the rainforest too. Cassettes of rainforest sounds complete the ambiance.

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