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EMC2 Energy Balancing - The AIM Program

Roberta Hladek (Co-Founder of EMC²) at the AIM Program Headquarters. © Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness

The AIM Program is an offering of the Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness (EMC²). The AIM Program is an All Inclusive Method of energetic balancing of frequencies that negatively affect a person or animal's, Life Force. The technology behind this spiritual healing technique was developed by Stephen Lewis. Lewis, trained and previously licensed as a chiropractor, has devoted his life to the study of energetic imbalances. His earliest studies were in the field of homeopathy, acupuncture, and naturopathy. To best understand Lewis' healing journey read the book titled Sanctuary: The Path to Consciousness. Lewis' work is portrayed in this novel as a means to teach this unique spiritual healing technology. However, the technique is real, not fictional, and you can become a participant if you choose. Lewis says there are approximately 60,000 people currently on the AIM program.

Energetic balancing via the AIM Program involves applying balancing frequencies to offset frequencies that are out of balance. Participants choose which balancing frequencies they need from more than 500,000 balancing frequencies currently available to them. Lewis routinely evaluates holograms of AIM participants in search of energetic imbalances using his Quantum Evaluation Device (QED). When a new imbalance is discovered he creates a balancing frequency to neutralize or clear the imbalance and adds it to the Quantum Imprinting Device (QID). All balancing frequencies are transmitted via multiple computers to metal trays 24/7. On the trays are photos of AIM participants. Photos are holograms of our energetic selves. Basically, participant photographs are serving as "holographic stand-ins" for them. Through their holograms the participants, no matter where they are physically located, continually receive self-healing via frequencies being transmitted to them.

Imbalances are cleared from the consciousness of a participant through the process of detoxing when frequencies are chosen. How these frequencies are chosen can be a bit confusing. A better explanation perhaps is to think of AIM Program participants being given access to a community toolbox. This tool box consists of a variety of tools (balancing frequencies). These tools can be used in their own self-healing. Because there are so many frequencies available it is the consciousness (soul, or high self) that does the choosing. The soul knows better than its human counterpart which frequencies are needed.

Imbalanced frequencies are not to be confused with manifested physical illnesses. If you are like me and believe that illness first occurs in your consciousness prior to a disease developing physically then this technology will absolutely resonate with you. Participating in this technology demands a level of trust in individuals. Not everyone is ready to take the "leap of faith" that may be needed to accept that self-healing through the AIM Program is real and works. Also, the idea of clearing karmic frequencies through energetic-balancing via a hologram may be of concern for some individuals.

Types of Frequency Imbalances

  • Hereditary Imbalances - Energetic frequencies that you are born with based on genetic factors such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers, etc.
  • Karmic Imbalances - Energetic frequencies created through life and past life actions or choices.
  • Acquired Imbalances - Energetic frequencies that you "catch" from others such as colds, flu, etc. Also, environmental frequencies that are inhaled such as airborne toxins, or gotten from insect bites, etc.

Balancing and Enhancing Frequencies

Energetic balancing frequencies on the QID include homeopathic frequencies, essential oils, herbs, Bach flower frequencies, emotional frequencies, virtue frequencies, and anti-aging frequencies. There are also several "personal power and life-enhancing frequencies" which participants can choose from to improve their quality of life such as gratitude, courage, creativity, unconditional love, and self-acceptance.

EMC² Co-Founders:

The Energetic Matrix Church of Consciousness, LLC headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was founded in 1998 by these three individuals:

  1. Stephen Lewis - Inventor of the AIM Program, Co-Author of The Sanctuary
  2. Evan Slawson - Co-Author of The Sanctuary, Computer Technology Consultant
  3. Roberta Hladek - Homeopath, Vice President of Operations for EMC²

Independent Facilitators for EMC²

In addition to the three co-founders of EMC² and staff members who work at the Las Vegas offices, there are approximately 130 independent facilitators who assist AIM participants remotely via the Internet, through phone conferencing, or by hosting local group meetings. Each AIM participant is assigned a facilitator as their support contact. Generally, the facilitator is someone who lives in close proximity to them. It is the facilitator's role to offer emotional support and help answer questions. AIM facilitators also help educate anyone interested in the program. The AIM facilitator assigned to me, Marlys Vander Linden, has been very prompt with her helpful responses answering my questions.

Are You or Have You Ever Been a Participant in the AIM Program?

Share Your AIM Program Experiences - There are many videos, audio, and text-based testimonials on the EMC² websites for you to read. But, as an addition to my therapy testimonials section, I have added EMC² Energy Balancing Testimonials to the list. All AIM participants are invited to share their experiences being on the program with my readership via a submission form I have created for your stories.

Healers who are or have been on the AIM Program include:

  • Michael Beckwith (The Secret Movie, Agape International Spiritual Center)
  • Wayne Dyer (Self-Help Author, Motivational Speaker)
  • Laurie Sue Brockway (The Wedding Goddess, Belief.net Columnist)

Joining the AIM Program

EMC² is a for-profit ministry. There is an annual fee for participants to receive energy balancing frequencies transmitted to them from the QID. Participants can pay in full or choose a monthly installment plan. Also offered are reduced-cost family plans, reduction of fees for the disabled, and scholarship programs for anyone with the frequency of Autism or Down Syndrome.

Neither EMC2 nor AIM diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Energetic imbalances exist first in consciousness. It is the belief of EMC2 that if energetic imbalances are removed from consciousness, they can neither manifest nor be sustained in the physical body. To learn more visit stephenlewis.org or aimprogram.com

Note: As of March 24, 2011 my hologram was put on the trays as a complimentary participant for one year. In addition, as a media source I was given the opportunity of being given a mini-evaluation. Stephen Lewis informed me of my personal Life Force measurement and revealed to me some of the inherited and acquired frequencies he discovered in my consciousness via my photograph. I hope to be sharing my personal experiences over the next year in detoxing and clearing by consciousness of these frequencies. ~Read about my first 5 months on AIM