Engineering Science Fair Projects

Ideas for Engineering Science Fair Projects

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Engineering science fair projects can involve designing, building, analyzing, modeling or improving a device. You can also test or create materials. Here are some specific ideas of engineering science fair project ideas.

  • What is the best material to put in a sandbag to block water, such as during a flood?
  • How tall can you build a tower using only a sheet of ​paper? You can cut it, fold it, crumple it, but only use that single material. What works best?
  • Compare the characteristics of a structure that is constructed using different materials. You can compare strength, corrosion resistance, elasticity... be creative. The trick is to make certain your measurements are truly comparable to each other.
  • What can you do with a swim cap to optimize its ability to decrease drag in water? Can you alter the shape? Does one material work substantially better than another?
  • Which type of paper towel absorbs the most water? Which brand absorbs the most oil? Are they the same brand?
  • What differences do you note in the ability of different soils to support a structure?
  • What type of paper airplane flies the furthest? Stays aloft the longest?
  • How can you map a magnetic field? Can you construct a device, using iron filings, that can be re-used for field mapping?
  • Build a Lego building. Now try to build the same building on an incline, such as a 30° slope. What changes do you need to make in order to make the structure stable?
  • How does a change in the construction of a parachute affect flight? Parameters you could examine could include size, shape, material, or method of attachment.