Top English Learning Software for Young Learners

Young girl studying through technology at home
Children can use computer programs to learn English at home. Getty Images

English learning software for young learners provides entertaining immersive environments which help children learn English by participating. Most include pronunciation help and a number provide assistance in the learner's native language. These packages are also dedicated to helping children learn the basics such as the ABCs, numbers and basic phrases and do not focus on extended speech.

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Young girl studying through technology at home
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Bubbles is a software that emphasizes teacher-learner participation. In contrast to other software programs, Bubbles is conceived as an aid to developing spoken communication skills between participants using the software.

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Tell Me More Kids Ingles

A fun and immersive software package that helps children learn English while exploring an extremely well-designed virtual environment. Tell me More provides a wide variety of learning games and activities including Karaoke. This package is especially designed for Spanish speaking children, but other packages in other languages are available as well.

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Curious George Learns Phonics

Learning to read by the use of phonics has proved time and again to be one of the best approaches to getting kids to read. While this product is not specifically designed for ESL students, it is perfect for improving and expanding vocabulary for students who have reached an intermediate stage.

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Standard Deviants DVD

This package is ideal for high-school aged ESL students who need to focus more on structure and already have a solid understanding of English. While taking advantage of all the latest high-tech possibilities, the DVD focuses on building grammar knowledge by exploring verb tenses, conjungation, comprehension quizzes and more.

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