English Reading Comprehension Story - My Friend Peter

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This reading comprehension is for beginning level English learners. Read the short story twice and then take the quizzes to check your understanding. Click on the arrow to see your answers. 

Tips for Reading Comprehension

  • Read each selection more than once
  • Try to understand the gist (general meaning) the first time you read
  • Try to understand words from the context the second time you read
  • Look up words you don't understand the third time you read


    My friend's name is Peter. Peter is from Amsterdam, in Holland. He is Dutch. He is married and has two children. His wife, Jane, is American. She is from Boston in The United States. Her family is still in Boston, but she now works and lives with Peter in Milan. They speak English, Dutch, German and Italian! Their children are pupils at a local primary school. The children go to school with other children from all over the world. Flora, their daughter, has friends from France, Switzerland, Austria and Sweden. Hans, their son, goes to school with students from South Africa, Portugal, Spain, and Canada. Of course, there are many children from Italy. Imagine, French, Swiss, Austrian, Swedish, South African, American, Italian, Spanish and Canadian children all learning together in Italy!

    Multiple-Choice Comprehension Check Questions

    Answer key is provided below.

    1. Where is Peter from?


    Germany b. Holland c. Spain d. Canada

    2. Where is his wife from?

    a. New York b. Switzerland c. Boston d. Italy

    3. Where are they now?

    a. Madrid b. Boston c. Milan d. Sweden

    4. Where is her family?

    a. American b. England c. Holland d. Italy

    5. What are the children's names?

    a. Greta and Peter b. Anna and Frank c.

    Susan and John d. Flora and Hans

    6. The school is:

    a. international b. big c. small d. difficult

    True or False

    Answer key is provided below.

    1. Jane is Canadian.

    2. Peter is Dutch.

    3. There are many children from different countries at the school.

    4. There are children from Australia at the school.


    Multiple-Choice Comprehension Check Answer Key:

    1. B, 2. C, 3. C, 4. A, 5. D, 6. A

    True or False Answer Key:

    1. False, 2. True, 3. True, 4. False

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