The French Preposition 'Entre': How to Use It

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The French preposition entre means "between," both literally and figuratively, or "among" and is used in many expressions. Learn how to say "briefly," "tipsy," "at dusk," and more with some of the expressions below using entre. Be careful not to confuse the preposition entre with the verb entrer, which means "to enter"; the two words are unrelated. 

Common Uses of 'Entre'

   Mettez une espace entre ces mots.
Put a space between these words.

   Cela devrait être entre parenthèses.
That should be in parentheses.

  entre deux portes

   entre chien et loup
at twilight/dusk

   Entre toi et moi..., Entre nous...
Between you and me..., Between us...

  Le livre est entre ses mains.
The book is in his hands.

   Entre le 2 et le 5 mai...
Between 2nd and 5th of May...

  La vérité est entre les deux. (saying)
The truth is somewhere in between.

  s'entendre entre eux
to have a mutual understanding/agreement

  être entre deux vins
to be tipsy

When 'Entre' means 'among'

  être entre nous
to be among friends, between us   

  J'ai trouvé une jolie bague entre le bric-à-brac.
I found a pretty ring among the bric-a-brac.

   Mes étudiants, entre autres, vont...
My students, among others, are going...

   Beaucoup d'entre vous...
Many among you...

  Les loups ne se mangent pas entre eux.
There is honor among thieves.

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