Ideas for a Paper on Environmental Issues

Need a paper idea and looking for inspiration?
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High school and college students are often prompted to write an essay or a research paper on a hot current issue. Given the concerns many of us currently have for our natural world, a common reflex is to pick a topic among the numerous environmental issues we experience. Here are some topic ideas. First, I would invite students to review these tips about writing a paper on environmental issues. When picking a particular environment issue to explore, a good place to start is this review of the top environmental issues.

Now here are some topic ideas with resources to make your essay or paper a great one:

Global Climate Change

Invasive Species

  • First, invasive species would need to be defined. An important part of the story is how they get here by using dispersal vectors.


    Water Pollution


      • First, I would review the latest on deforestation for definitions, global trends, hotspots, causes, and impacts on climate change.
      • Next, a look at specific cases would nicely illustrate the problem: deforestation in Indonesia, in Canada, and in the Amazon.
      • An unusual but interesting topic would be to look at potential links between the 2014 Ebola outbreak and deforestation.