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Price Paid for Epiphone Les Paul Studio:

$500 CDN

Description of Epiphone Les Paul Studio:

This guitar came with two Gibson USA HB Pickups.

Even with an amp set to blazing distortion, this guitar still has a limited hum and plays with a nice warm sound. The neck has a great, quick response to it - this allows for quick riff-age as well as an awsome rhythm. Unlike most Fender models of guitar, the fret board already comes with that comfortable feeling, so you don't need to work for months at gigs to get it to feel comfortable. It has a set neck from mahogany wood. The fret inlays come in either RW or dot. The body is made from mahogany/alder and the top is made from the same as the body.

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Tone Rating:


Comments about Epiphone Les Paul Studio Tone:

Even though this is an Epiphone make of the Les Paul, it still produces an amazingly FAT tone just like its bro, the Gibson Les Paul. I have played this guitar on Marshall and Traynor amps and they both sound great either way. You wont be disappointed with the tone of this axe!

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Quality Rating:


Comments about Epiphone Les Paul Studio Quality:

It comes in many shades of finish, including; ebony, heritage cherry sunburst, vintage sunburst, and wine red. This guitar is amazingly hard to scratch, it can be dropped out of a stand and still have a vibrant finish.

The reason being is that there is more than one coat of the finish probably. The hardware that comes stock with the guitar is very reliable. Not once has a screw or knob come loose. I'm unsure if Epiphone is mass produced or hand crafted like Gibson, but what ever it is, its done well. The neck does not bow or anything.

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Overall Rating:


Epiphone Les Paul Studio Pros:

Sounds wicked, feels wicked, looks wicked, easy on the wallet, what else do you want? Obviously I wouldnt say this is the BEST guitar out there but it certainly beats most others I've played and I've played a good range, from Fender, Yamaha, to PRS! I'd have to say GET OUT THERE AND GET ONE OF THESE BEASTS! You wont regret it.

Epiphone Les Paul Studio Cons:

The simple fact that it does not say Gibson anywhere on it, most Epiphones do...that's just me though, I have a fetish for the Gibson line of Guitars.

Submitted by: Jay C
Playing Experience: less than one year
Musical Tastes: alternative, heavy metal