Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen has been following professional wrestling for close to four decades. Growing up in New York City, he was able to witness many historic wrestling events in-person at Madison Square Garden, the "Mecca of Professional Wrestling."


Eric has been writing about professional wrestling since 2005. He has spoken about professional wrestling on BBC Radio, Sirius Hardcore Sports Radio and many local radio stations in both the U.S. and Canada. His writing has appeared on the CNN Headline News program Nancy Grace and he also worked as a consultant on Bearport Publishing's Wrestling's Tough Guys series of children's books.


Mr. Cohen destroys the perception that wrestling fans are stupid. Eric has an MBA degree from New York University's prestigious Stern School of Business. Having completed their Entertainment, Media & Technology Program, Eric has a unique perspective to cover the business of professional wrestling and analyzing how trends in those industries have a direct impact on the world of "sports entertainment."

Eric Cohen

My love of pro wrestling has paid dividends in my personal life. I was wearing a Stone Cold shirt that was used as the ice breaker when I met a very beautiful woman. A few years later, we were at Madison Square Garden watching WrestleMania XX together as husband and wife.

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