Erin Collazo Miller

Erin Collazo Miller is a freelance writer who fell in love with reading as a child through Green Eggs and Ham and has been consuming books ever since.


Erin wrote regular freelance reviews and articles for The Orlando Sentinel for five years, in addition to having a monthly feature in The Chapel Hill News for two years. She is also a founding member of her book club, which has been meeting monthly for the past 10 years to read and discuss bestsellers.


Erin earned a bachelor of arts degree in English from Duke University.

Erin Collazo Miller

The bestsellers list has so much variety. There are great memoirs, fabulous mysteries, literary masterpieces and mindless beach reads. I hope to help my readers choose books they will love, and give them the tools to engage the titles more deeply with their book clubs, coworkers and friends.

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