Espie Estrella

Espie Estrella is a lyricist and songwriter.


During the 1990s, Espie held summer piano lessons for children in her community. Her first serious venture into songwriting was in 2001 when one of her songs was included in the "Muzikwerks" album. This was followed by a 2-year project to write 39 songs for a writer/poet. In 2006, Espie hosted her own online radio station called MellowTouch on Live365. Her song, "Living the Dream," was a monthly finalist (Adult Contemporary category) and her co-written song, "Can You Hear Me Lord," was a monthly winner (Christian/Gospel category) in the 2008 Song of the Year contest. She is currently writing songs for an up and coming male vocalist.


Espie has a B.A. in English Literature. She has course credits in Music Theory, and Music History and Appreciation. She is a member of Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI).

Espie Estrella

Music is all around us; it touches everyone regardless of culture and age. 

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