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Is EssayEdge Worth the Investment for Help on Your College Application Essay?

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Overview of EssayEdge:

If you're going to hire a professional editing service, EssayEdge is a good choice. You'll get quick, meaningful, and thorough feedback, and you'll have a stronger application as a result. Pricing is competitive, and cheaper than most private college consultants. To learn more and see the full line of services and pricing, visit

Pros of EssayEdge

  • Editors were all educated in top 10 universities
  • You can choose your editor if you know who you want to work with (although this option may take longer to get feedback on your essay)
  • Moderately priced. For a 600-word essay, you'll pay $69 for proofreading services and $149 for a full critique including proofreading
  • Extensive feedback and hands-on revision of the essay
  • Leader in the field for essay services
  • Fast turn-around times: 48 hours for the standard fee; 24-hours if you're willing to pay an extra $59.

Cons of EssayEdge

  • Editors are not necessarily in the college admissions business
  • The editors are all freelance workers, so quality may vary
  • While the pricing is competetive, applicants applying to multiple schools with different essay questions and multiple supplemental essays may find the cost prohibitive

General Description

  • Price ranges from $69 for basic proofreading services to $379 for a multi-stage consultation and editing package
  • EssayEdge's most popular package that includes proofreading and a detailed critique is priced competitively
  • Quick turnaround with a 24-hour rush option
  • Editors educated at Ivy League and other top universities
  • High customer satisfaction

Full Review - EssayEdge Admissions Essay Editing Service

As top schools become more and more competitive, professional essay consultants are flourishing. With EssayEdge, you get a trustworthy and established company with a large staff of well-trained editors who went to some of the country's most prestigious universities including Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Columbia.

EssayEdge is part of Peterson's, a well-respected company in the college selection and college admissions industry. The great majority of EssayEdge editors hold degrees (some for undergraduate, some for graduate school) from Ivy League universities or other top schools.

The company has been praised by the New York Times, Business Week, and others. The company also boasts a high customer satisfaction rate.

EssayEdge offers a nice range of services from basic proofreading to make sure your grammar and punctuation is sound, to "Premier" services that include a brainstorming session, two phone calls, two weeks of email support, and two critiques by your editor (cost of the Premier package for a 600-word essay is $379).

If you don't have confidence in your writing skills and you have a little extra cash lying around, EssayEdge is an excellent choice for beefing up your college application. However, your high school may very well have free services that are just as effective. A talented guidance counselor or English teacher may be able to provide you with equally good feedback for free.

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But if you're someone who does better with human interaction, and guidance from someone with experience, EssayEdge is certainly a reputable service with competitive prices.