Essential Books for Fans of 'The Simpsons'

Guides, Trivia and More

Books about The Simpsons can help you answer questions about the show or spend time dissecting its appeal. You can fill up on simple trivia, like character names or episode titles. Or you can get into deep discussions about philosophy and religion on The Simpsons. These books will guide you to the right answer, no matter how trivial or complex your question is.

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The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family

The Simpsons Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family
The Simpsons Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family.

This guide covers the first eight seasons. It includes production codes, episode titles, character profiles, movie references, sight gags, and quotes for every episode. The book also has lists, such as Homer’s "D’oh"s, couch gags, and an Itchy & Scratchy filmography. The index is very helpful for finding trivia about a specific person, character or episode.

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The Simpsons Forever!

The Simpsons Forever
The Simpsons Forever.

This guide is an appendix to the The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to Our Favorite Family. It includes the ninth and tenth season. The episode and character breakdowns are exactly like the previous guide’s. New features include a tribute to Troy McClure and songs sung by The Simpsons.

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The Simpsons Beyond Forever!

The Simpson Beyond Forever
The Simpson Beyond Forever.

You'll find more character profiles, trivia, quotes and episode information for seasons 11 and 12. Fans should own this in order to complete their Simpsons guide collection.

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The Simpsons: One Step Beyond Forever

The Simpson One Step Beyond Forever
The Simpson One Step Beyond Forever.

As The Simpsons breaks records as the longest running TV show in history, more guides must be produced to keep up. Here is yet another guide that also includes more background information about the creation and history of the show.

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The Simpsons Guide to Springfield

The Simpsons Guide to Springfield
The Simpsons Guide to Springfield.

This book is more for fun than reference. It is a parody on tourist books, posing as part of the "Are We There Yet?" series. The guide includes sections on the history of Springfield, attractions, lodging, dining, nightlife, shopping, annual events and more. Every listing is taken from an episode.

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Collecting Simpsons!

Collecting Simpsons!
"Collecting Simpsons!" by William LaRue.

This is a handy guidebook for avid and beginning collectors of The Simpsons merchandise. The book is broken down into categories such as books, games, dolls and more. The book provides price guidelines and hundreds of photos. There are also sections on unauthorized merchandise, as well as where to find the good stuff.

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My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy

My Life as a Ten Year Old Boy
My Life as a Ten Year Old Boy.

This is wonderful reading for fans of The Simpsons, as well as aspiring voice actors. Nancy’s journey from Ohio teenager to Hollywood voiceover artist is full of funny anecdotes. Nancy also gives us several peeks into the world behind The Simpsons, including stories about guest stars. This book is enjoyable for all ages.

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Further Adventures in The Simpsons Collectibles

Further Adventures in The Simpsons Collectibles
Further Adventures in The Simpsons Collectibles.

This guide comes from the author of the first guide to Simpsons collectibles, The Unauthorized Guide to the Simpsons Collectibles. It has hundreds of brand new, full-color photographs of recently released merchandise, as well as older items that have become valuable. It is witty to read, as well informative. This collectibles reference also includes price guidelines.

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The Simpsons and Philosophy: The D'oh! of Homer

The Simpsons and Philosophy
The Simpsons and Philosophy.

A deeper discussion on The Simpsons, this book collects 18 essays about the show written by professional philosophers. They analyze the philosophy of characters, such as Homer as an Aristotelian and Bart as a Nietzschean. Not only is this text an intellectual discussion about The Simpsons, it provides a breadth of knowledge about the show that will astound fans.

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The Springfield Reformation: The Simpsons, Christianity and American Culture

The Springfield Reformation
The Springfield Reformation.

I read several reviews of this book by doctoral student Jamey Heit that used the metaphor of holding up a mirror to our society and or culture. So I'm not going to use that metaphor here. I will say, however, that this analysis and commentary on Christianity as it's portrayed on The Simpsons goes down like good whiskey: it burns if you swallow it too quickly, but if you carefully sip it, the words will hit your belly, spread their warmth and leave you feeling good.