Essential Core Teaching Strategies

Whether you are a new or experienced teacher you most likely have been exposed to about a million teaching strategies. It's important to note that your classroom is your domain, and it's up to you on how you want to apply the teaching strategies that suit your students learning style, as well as your teaching style. With that said, here are a few essential core teaching strategies that will help make you a great teacher.

Behavior Management

Self management is important for success

Behavior management is the most important strategy that you will ever use in your classroom. To help increase your chances of a successful school year you must try implementing an effective behavior management program. Use these behavior management resources to help you establish and maintain effective classroom discipline in your classroom.

Student Motivation

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Motivating students just happens to be one of the most difficult things a teacher has to learn to do, not to mention the most important thing. Research has shown that students who are motivated and excited to learn are more likely to participate in class. The students that are not motivated, will not learn effectively and may even become a disruption to their peers. Simply put, when your students are excited to learn, it makes for an enjoyable experience all around.

Here are five simple and effective ways to motivate your students and get them excited to learn.

Getting-to-Know You Activities

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Get to know your students on a personal level and you will find they will have more respect for you. The best time to start is at back-to-school time. This is when students are filled with excrement and first-day jitters. It's best to welcome students to school by making them feel comfortable and as soon as they step into the door. Here are 10 back to school activities for kids that will help ease those first day jitters, and make students feel welcome.

Parent Teacher Communication

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Maintaining parent-teacher communication throughout the school year is the key to student success. Research has shown that students do better in school when their parent or guardian is involved. Here is a list of ways to keep parents informed with their child's education and encourage them to get involved. 

Brain Breaks

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The best thing that you can do as a teacher is to give your students a brain break. A brain break is a short mental break that is taken during regular intervals during classroom instruction. Brain breaks are usually limited to five minutes and work best when they incorporate physical activities. Brain breaks are a great stress reliever for students and are backed by scientific research. Here you will learn when the best time to do a brain break is, as well as a learn a few examples.

Cooperative Learning: The Jigsaw

Cooperative learning

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 The Jigsaw cooperative learning technique is an efficient way for students to learn classroom material. The process encourages students to listen and be engaged in a group setting. Just like a jigsaw puzzle, each member of the group plays an essential role in their group. What makes this strategy so effective is that group members work together as a team to achieve a common goal, students are not able to succeed unless everyone works together. Now that you know what the jigsaw technique is all about, let's talk about how it works.

The Multiple Intelligence Theory

Multiple intelligences

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Like most educators, you probably learned about Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Theory when you were in college. You learned about the eight different types of intelligence that guide the way we learn and process information. What you may have not learned was how you can apply it into your curriculum. Here we will take a look at each intelligence, and how you can apply that intelligence into your classroom. 

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